Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stone into the sea - sea of clouds Yu Pan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea Stone is located in the Dai Ding out of a towering rocks, and its considerable wonders of the sea of clouds Yu Pan. In the summer, after the rain in the early Qing, a large number of increased evaporation of water vapor, coupled with the summer wind from the sea of warm air temperature was high-pressure air flow control at an altitude of 1,500 meters or so high, if not the wind, you can see the white clouds in the Dai Ding-ping Wan Li, Yu Pan is like a huge suspended in between heaven and earth. The distant mountains and clouds have been swallowed whole, only a few exposed mountain cloud; near Tap visitors drive fog cloud, as if the day came to the outside. Breeze blowing, the sea of clouds floating waves, when they are hidden when Zhu Feng, as the elusive fairy islands, the wind, it turned into a giant dragon Yu Pan, on FT, Jiang turned down the sea.

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