Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shan Haitian sunshine provincial tourism resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Haitian tourism resort is located in Rizhao City, the new urban area of north-eastern Gold Coast, South-million population have the World Cup fan base in the north coastal Rizhao Forest Park, even the sunshine of the West University Science Park, 1995 by the People's Government of Shandong Province approved the establishment of the Into "the development of tourism resorts, high-tech industry development, administration and management in a "The provincial tourism resort, planning land area of 10 square kilometers, 74 square km area of planning control.
Shan Haitian tourism resort Banghai mountains, scenery, sea and the sky a total of one, a broad distribution of natural resources, the deep historical and cultural heritage, the region was 17.5 km of coastline with Distribution of the reefs and white sandy beaches with the rank-lan, a broad soft golden sand, rocks portrait fun, Taigong Island and Peach Blossom Island like a pearl inlaid in the two coastal regions, fascinating. According to historical records, Wu Sheng Jiang Taigong generation that was born in the village Fung Ka planning in the region. The region as a whole beautiful, clean air, congestion National-class sea water, first-class beach, first-class air, as the best fit for human habitation.
Shan Haitian regional tourism resort land transport in Hong Kong have obvious advantages. Rizhao Port is close to the country one of the top ten comprehensive port, the world has more than 100 shipping port, with Japan and South Korea opened Container Liner period, Shi Yan Railway, East Japan high-speed, high-speed connections with the Third National.
Shan Haitian tourism resort in order to speed up the construction of the garden-style beach resort for eco-tourism objectives, give full play to the advantage of regional resources and the environment, economic and social development has been rapid. Infrastructure improvement The realization of the "five-a-ping," formed a "three vertical and 11 horizontal" the backbone of the road network, water supply, electricity, telecommunications, cable television networks achieved, with a large-scale development. Tourism resorts, high-tech industries as the main characteristics of the regional economic shape, the project has become a multi-level high-fat The fast investment hot spots. Or are about to construction of Rizhao Atoll Reef, Tai Gong Paradise Island beach, Peach Blossom Island style park, a five-star hotel and a number of large development and construction projects will further enhance the regional level reception to meet the needs of tourists of different levels.

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