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Buddha scenic day - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddha-day North County is located in scenic areas, real mountains, the water really, really Big Buddha is the main feature of the Wanghai Lou fell in the mountains, there is a natural born out to the Big Buddha, the total length of 3,800 meters. Head south-west of Castle Peak, arrived in north-foot Lake; high heaven, to a radius of jaw, nose lion Wei Qiao, Welcome media, benign countenance, features Qing , Limbs, clear, calm air, the implication abstruse, a great all-too-apparent sense. Ming Shan Buddhist community leaders to pay homage to the elders, is pleased to sing the praises of inscription: "Buddha-day Junan, the wonders of the world." This is the Buddhist community on the day of Buddha's highest evaluation. The world view of the tourists after all lovely Lumpur.

  Northern and Southern Dynasties period Well-known Buddhist monk Master Cheng rate of his plans to travel to give lectures sermon, the Buddha found Junan days, days in the Foshan under Jielu for Temple, Feng Chi Buddhist, fine-sounding name of "Wo Fosi." Tang opened the first year, the monk and his master to repair "Li Yan," re-foundation Wofo Si, a plant Sophora japonica, the day the Buddha and the formation of radial observation point. For thousands of years Wo Fosi strong incense, Lunan, Jiangsu Buddhist Cultural Center, Na Zhu going through the vicissitudes of the Millennium Tang Huaijing still Climb, Qiushi Chunhua, Wo Fosi become a living witness. In 1996, to implement the religious policy of the Government Junan Wo Fosi rehabilitation, and for the approval of the Yimeng Mountain as the sole legitimate Buddhist activities in the field . Main Hall, the permitted bed, floor, Canon, the clock tower, drum tower, one after another, such as bone pagoda built Meteorology Series. Throughout the ancient temple complex flavor, cornices brackets, carved paintings Liang Dong, a solemn majesty. Wo Fosi in 2000 held a grand opening ceremony, during the holidays, around the pilgrims and believers gathered here 10,000 to save animals and wind around cigarettes, and the scene was great.

  Lotus Lake area of 700 mu, like a mirror mounted on the central area. Lake weeping Yiyi, Jessica grass, pavilions Tse Gallery, resplendent; lake full of water waves Yan, swaying reeds, lotus Ying, Xianglingdicui, wild gull flying. "Qibao Hornsey Lianchi , And more particularly dignified and beautiful "on the Lotus Lake is a true portrayal. Jingtai view of the Buddha, the late Ling Chiu Tse, Jinghai Chi Hong, Xiao Yue Buddha, Wisdom, and other leisurely landscape Lotus Lake is a famous scenic spots.

  9 Lin Fa Shan, Wang Weiyi look like a dragon take off. Guanyinge high-rise in Lin Fa Shan peak towering solemn, is Qiu Zi-fu of the Buddhist temple; Teng Kok view, Huguangshanse, panoramic view, the small town of Spring and Autumn Period, glance. Shandong Lu, Calocedrus green and luxuriant pines, Songtao torch light aroma; Shanxi Lu Lin Keng secret quiet elegant chic, Chestnut Qiushi science; Grand View Pavilion, Pavilion Phoenix, arch, read, pay homage to the spring, no glory ; Dongtian line, water crocodile, ape-man meditation, the Zen-ao listen to attractions such as making fun.

  Taiwan Buddhist concept of Buddha days at the central area, is the Buddhist concept of Buddha's altar. Towering high-profile, embracing Shochiku, surrounded by clear water, flavor, magnificent. 1.40 three, Yu Buddhist "three Sidi school"; grass-roots 28 Order, that the Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree a few; on the 45 level, with a living Buddha and the world preaching the years; Taiwan purple sand around the mosaic-relief paintings, Buddhist culture is the story; Square stage, the Meteorology Series, the auspicious bell, drum tower wishful thing ; Life Ocean's 18, set out on either side; Dover Shengjing days of St. Paul's couplets Word and thought-provoking. Every major festival, the sea of people on the square, the stage looked to the north, the day the Buddha was born out, it is soul stirring, and worship.

  Buddha scenic area a day to highlight the "true", a performance of "qi", the implication of a "United States". This magical, magnificent scenery is at home and abroad No only.

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