Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wolong Buddha Shan-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wolong is located in Shan-dong Buddha Yishui County Court 1 km South East Town, Wolong is located in the hills of abdominal, Hu Toushan, can be Canglongwohu place.

Buddha was formed millions of years of natural hole, hole-shaped top, fastening structures; hole channel the twists and turns, narrow and deep. Hole "winding" Turn "as well as their predecessors of lithography," wonders, Po, Buddha, tolerance, Ci, good "; there is spring water, wells St. cents fluid, there are loud waterfalls; mysterious people are more Longtanhuxue horrified. A few hundred thousand years of natural The formation of the magnificent stone statue of Buddha, well that milk stone, stalagmites, stone flower milk and its non-coral , Decorated inside, it is wow hands. More surprising is this: hole hole hole hole on the next hole and the hole, dry hole and the water tunnel, Guanyin Dong, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Hong Haier-dong, western hole, just to name a few. Permitted walls, different patterns of the line of the Buddha, eyes closed, off-line, into which, it seems that Buddhist Shen Lin Jing, off the hook Customs, a sense of floating in the air.

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