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Taiwan-term fishing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Any Taiwan-style fishing tourism Donggang Qu Resort is located in Rizhao City in the eastern Qinlou streets at the foot of the Yongsan, the Yellow Sea, the sea on three sides, Bibo 10,000 ares, Greenfield Yun water and pleasant weather. In the urban area 12 km north, north through the coastal road around the village and the road connected to Qingdao, Rizhao bounded by the seaside National Park. With a long coastline 2.5 , There is sea-stone garden, beach, black pine forests, fishing pier, and other natural landscape and cultural landscape, "the first crab Village" says.
  350 of the village, 1180 people. A fishing pier, Lengcang Chang, shipyard, shallow beach culture, and other enterprises; there are more than 100 fishing boats, throughout the year can be Fish, shrimp, crab, scallops, mussels, conch, sea cucumber, abalone, and other seafood, a variety of seafood taste our visitors.

  Sea Stone Park area of 3 square kilometers, the park stands stones, beautiful scenery, there are turtles into the sea, Hua Shilin, the son of Li Shi, Longquan, and other natural landscape. Rich waters near shellfish, , Shrimp, crab, and other seafood is Kikunami view of the sea, the sea fishing out to see the sunrise at sea the best place to go.
  Beach, clean water, soft sand, water Talang is a good place.
  To any Taiwan-fishing family house to live, eat rice fishing, sea-pickers out, casting a net boat, the sea fishing, enjoy fishing Fun.
  Love the sea, some Taiwan-term, we sincerely welcome you to come for sightseeing and leisure resort.
  "There is a beautiful legend, the beautiful stone will be singing ... ..." and its Taiwan office in the vicinity of the village's children were young and old sing a love song, perhaps because it is calling out the term of office of the ancestral home of Taiwan Proud. Indeed, at the office of the Yellow Sea is the home village of Dong Gangqu Taiwan coast Qinlou streets in the most recent one of the villages, the village east of the sea at low tide after the show are thousands, of various shapes and each piece of stone is a beautiful sea-moving Myth. "Culture of the sea SHEK" Taiwan has long been a permanent home for generations of people for their valuable spiritual wealth, On behalf of popular even today. Taiwan-view of the arrival of the sea SHEK, listening to the sea has become a rock legend, many Chinese and foreign tourists one of Yaxing.
  Legend has it that in ancient times, the frequent practice of sunshine up the sea, one is flooded dozens of years.
  On one occasion, the sea rose again, it is necessary to see the Yandao today near the county seat. At that time, Near a village family and home to Wang Ringer family. Ringer family and a regular contributor to The Wang family to bring frivolous Taidonggange, as well as the militant fight occurred in the family. However, seeing the advent of the flood disaster, the two chiefs of the family decided to give up the hatchet, met to discuss how to lead the whole village to escape the flood disaster. Finally, two The village chiefs decided to lead the young and old to start building. In shipbuilding, Ringer family and Wang family has not occurred in dispute, only to work together to build the ship. The ship was built, young and old in the village before the arrival of the floods are the only safe refuge on a large wooden. With the wooden water Piaodang a three-day , And suddenly encountered a storm at sea. Wind up the waves threw herself on board the ship was a shock on the verge of collapse, but the people on board the ship and remain safe. Until after the storm, has been found to be a big eight-foot wooden boat loaded turtles. Turtles exhausted body of the ship-wide effort to protect the lives, because of its own labor Over the dead and turned into fossils. High fossil projections of the sea, the sea back, Ringer family and the family of Wang in the eight-foot fossil turtles back to settle down. Later, the territory of sunshine and frequent floods, but even if any Taiwan-radius around the village where dozens of full-flooded, and the home village of Taiwan is still all right. Ringer and family S family will never not have to worry about being submerged sea, they will be in harmony from generation to generation and Moorsom survive. The legendary "Silk put Shanjian floating fuel, Ren Jiao Mian Mongolia on the stage," meaning up any water that is home to Taiwan's terrain will be high, even higher than that of Qin Lou Donggang Qu inside the wire Hill's highest peak . Even if the wire Peak Submerged, and the surface is also home to Taiwan just Jiao Mian Mongolia, which is about eight feet of the turtles due to Aura. This confirms the authenticity of the above-mentioned legends.

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