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Temple Oriental Height - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oriental Height Daiding at Temple, Mount Tai is the goddess of Oriental Height Ciyu Yuanjun, large and medium-sized Xiang Fu Song was founded in 2002 (Year 1009). Building towering thorough, and the whole group, the magnificent, the view in the distance, wind around white clouds, the resplendent, like a palace in the sky. Hall Shanmen to for the community, both inside and outside the two points, with homes in the main hall dedicated to Oriental Height copper Yuanjun , Copper tile roof cover East and West Iron Vanuatu side hall in a palace cover is a masterpiece of mountain building.

  The main hall of the building there, side hall in a palace, the Mountain Gate, Ting Yu Bi, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the door of God, and so on. Building towering thorough, and the whole group, the unique design of novel, high and low Cuoluoyouzhi, magnificent. Look in the distance, clouds filled, the Brilliant, like a palace in the sky.

  South God is outside the Tibetan King Library, commonly known as a fire pond, for pilgrims burning incense paper. Zhaobi a pool of fire, "to pay respect to the generations." There are song and dance floor, doors, door there is the East Gate of God, the God of the West Gate, through which winding mountain path. Hospitals in the Middle East for the bell tower, drum tower for the West, North to re-Taiwan, the southern gateway to build Heavy on the stage, before and after the gallery-style. Hill Langxia things on the walls of Taiwan in God, for the Blue Dragon, White Dragon, Suzaku, the four-party security basalt statue of God. In the main hall, covered tile, bell canopy, and so on, are Copper. Royal Secret Inspector Qianlong Yanxia a horizontal inscribed board "of Chan-Dong Huang." Hall set up in shrines, Mount Si Yuanjun slip bronze statue of Kim, on both sides to view and send the Second Health The statue.

There are things side hall in a palace hospital. East Hall look for God, the God of the West Hall of Health plate, also known as the vision of her grandmother, to send Niangniang Health, are bronze statue. Xiang Ting has a central hospital, there are booths on both sides of the confrontation between the copper monument; East for the next Wanli, "Mount Tai Chi Jian Ficus erecta Jinque tablets"; West is revealed years, "Ling-Yu Tai Chi Jian Gong In mind. " Ting Qian Ming Jiajing there and Wanli Copper heavy tripod and long live the floor. South East Hospital, south-west is the Royal Beiting, with Qianlong Dengdaishibei. East Road was Shrine Center, home of Ming Dynasty East Against Corruption, Hong total tax inspector in this, be changed to clear streets for the emperor of the Qing Dynasty pavilion. Oriental Height of the existing temple priests, Taoist nun more than 50 people. Treasure House for the South Ridge, on a lion Stonehenge-like, commonly known as the Lion Peak.

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