Saturday, January 3, 2009

Agency board of Confucius - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucius Agency board at the north gate one day, three-to four-post cross Shihfang Road. Guteng shade, dignified and elegant, the amount of title "Confucius Department to board the" five words. Ming Jiajing 39 (1560) was built. United column said: "Wang-Chuan single through the ages, the Lord of the Provisional Qing million years away." Place the separation of the two sides of the monument, for the East Ming Jiajing between Jinan Tongzhi Ditao title "will climb from the" Monument; for the West to monitor the Shandong Provincial Governor Li Yushi Fuchu title "First Mountain" monument. Two columns on the north side of the door of the single "Heaven-order" Square.

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