Saturday, January 3, 2009

Juxian Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Juxian County Youth Museum is located at the southern end of the road, so-Chu City Wall to the north. The existing stock of 10,000 pieces of cultural relics have been, many of which are rare treasures, and Green Island, Tengzhou, Shandong Province said the three-level museum. In 1989 before opening to the outside world. Basic display, including "Show archaeological finds," and "Cultural Relics from the diaspora," most of the two, showed And New Stone Age, Eastern Zhou Chu, the Han-Yang city and the historical period of the three countries in recent years, collecting antiques of the diaspora.
  Items on display include: pre-5000 text of the image, a large grain storage tank, filter wine tanks, Ling Yang River on the 19th tomb of the Eastern Zhou Tong Ding, sets of bronze bells, made? N, Ngau Tau-shaped jade ornaments Yu Chan Han, Tang Lung in the first pot, and Dong Qichang calligraphy and painting works at home, Li Fang Ying Yangzhoubaguai one of the "five fish map" and other rare treasures, reproduced the same time, Chu and glorious history. With the natural landscape, painting, arts and crafts, entertainment and leisure venues, so that it more fully in order to fit multi-level visitors.

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