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Hill Wulian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulian Hill, Wulian County, located in south-east, and every other Jiuxian Shan Bingzhi sink. Area of 13 square kilometers, the main peak of 515.7 meters high. Wulian Hill was 5 of Jiuxian Shan-feng, 30-year-evident Wanli Royal Secret Inspector "Wulian" is a separate mountain, named "Wulian Hill."

The Wild Goose Qi Xiu reduction - Sushi Tang and Song times, there Wulian Shan Buddhist activities, to Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, a monk Shu-ming monks travel far and wide open world famous mountains and rivers, Wulian see beautiful majestic Hill, the knot was Mao settlement. After the north of Beijing, Chi Jian Temple, Qiao every empress dowager suffering from eye diseases, for a long time Buyu medicine, medical treatment was prescribed to open the monk, Ji Yu.

Long Yan Yue great king, was Chici Hill, Temple: "Hill said, Wulian, Temple said, bright." Hall of Great Mercy and come back up, Canon House, the House decibels, the Royal Court battle, and so on, Wulian Hill from the "Museum of canopy layer, the Senate error", "The Wall Jiao Hui, Jing-visual playing," "Temple Tower The victory, people thought that Chang ", chanting voice No sound of loud reading twilight. The other monks to comply with Wen Feng, the Quartet pilgrimage people, who flocked to swim Hill. Bright Temple in Shandong Province has become one of the four major Ming Si.

Wild azalea, commonly known as azalea, Wulian Hill in a very wide range of regional growth, with a total area of about 10,000 mu, and its many varieties, with an area of wide flowers Li Zhi, the highest reputation in North China, known as "the first Jiangbei," said the Rhododendron Garden.

  Wulian Hill azalea flower color varies, as a result of different strains, flowering time varies, from the lunar calendar in March, the purple powder, "Kam-blue" line on each other and opening up. "51" season, the flowers can be seen Manshanbianye Cucu, streamer overflow , Qing Hong attacks, and backed with Shi Guang Shan, like a natural picture. At this time, Hill went to the flowers that ran, the crowd could see the display, such as drunk people dream, like entering Wonderland.

  To visitors will be able to play better flowers at the same time, protect, manage, has chosen a more reasonable line, Had a ring road around azalea garden, visitors will be able to watch the sequential and orderly manner.

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