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Wang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang, was born in 303 AD Langya County (now the city of Linyi), very fond of calligraphy since childhood, true, grass, Li, seal characters English, Lishu You Shan Chang, won the "saint book," said Wang, and their son's in our country In the history of calligraphy and said "the second King."

  Jin Yongjia the first year (the year 307 AD) with the family across the border Yin Ji Shan (now the City of Zhejiang Province Shao), Guzhai homes for the Buddhist temple, Buddhist temple after Rise and Fall. Liu false, named Pu Zhaosi, followed so far. To commemorate the history of our country the master of calligraphy, in 1990, the government invests 400 million yuan to repair the former residence of Wang Xizhi.

Xi's former residence is located in the city of Linyi Lanshan Qu Yan Chi to wash Street on the 20th for the classical garden-style building, covers an area of about 5 acres. Legend, Wang childhood moments after the hard word to the washing pool Yantai, long after the water was that color, so people fine-sounding name, "Yan Chi to wash." Yan Chi to wash in the north about 10 meters, which is higher than the 2 m surface of the sun desks, at the time for the royal book of the sun. Drying letter in the Taipei area about 10 meters, 5 antique buildings, covering about 200 square meters for future generations to build the Langya College, the former residence of Wang Xizhi display of the relevant documentation, as well as his calligraphy rubbings. A new repair Yan Chi to wash, drying desks, geese , Purification, and other relics booths, at the time to learn about the appearance of Wang Zhai. Jin Zhai new ink, calligraphy galleries and calligraphy Beilang meters long, can appreciate the book's original handwriting St., rubbing from a stone inscription, as well as contemporary North-South all different styles of calligraphy works.

Also worth mentioning is that the first two years of renovation in the wash Pool was accidentally discovered the tomb of Shinzo two sites, according to research belong to the Western Jin Dynasty period, since about 1700, Wang was born with a similar age. Fortunately, in these two tombs, unearthed many relics of the value of research, especially Yihao Mu, although it is brick tomb, but is has been discovered in Shandong Han Zhuanshi Mu large and medium-sized during the funeral of the most well-preserved.

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