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The former site of the provincial government (big stores) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Junan is a red hot spot in the revolutionary war, Junan people in an arduous battle, Shandong is the only Japanese Puppet neither base nor Wanjun occupied by the anti-Japanese base areas behind enemy lines.

Junan the many attractions in red, the birthplace of Shandong Provincial Government, the former site of the headquarters of the 115 division, Chinese The first day the village - Ya-yuan, Shan cycle battle site, the birthplace of Shandong Xinhua Bookstore, Shandong Province, the birthplace of the first branch of the Mission, Lu southeast of revolutionary martyr cemetery, Chairman Mao wrote to the three units.
Lu is a big store south-east of a longer history of the town. In March 1941 to 1945 115 Eighth Route Army in September division headquarters, the CPC Shandong Branch, Shandong Province, the trade unions have been fighting a long-term presence here. August 13, 1945 the Communist Party of China's first provincial government - was born here in the Shandong provincial government.
Liu Shaoqi, Luo, Zhu Rui, Chen, Li Yu, Xiao Hua, Chen Ju, Gu Mu, etc. Generation revolutionaries in the long-term Junan life, fighting, worked. Junan, Shandong Province became party, government and military command center, known as' small Yan'an. "
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Shandong provincial government, the provincial government and the former site of the headquarters of the 115 Division conducted a comprehensive restoration, the provincial government set up a new memorial hall 115 Eighth Route Army division headquarters of the memorial, the restoration of the provincial government set up seven departments and bureaus to set up the office. To a wealth of information and in-kind, vividly recreates the 115 division of the Eighth Route Army and the outstanding achievements of Shandong Provincial Government was born, grow up and develop the glorious course, to let people learn from history will always cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs Great, cherish today's happy life, in order to create a better future struggle.
Shandong provincial government in 1945 in Zhen Junan big formally established. Prior to this, including a long period of time, where anti-Japanese base areas in Shandong has become the political center in Shandong Province as a "small Yan'an." Shandong provincial government, "literacy classes" (popular at one time more than half of Shandong, there are still many places today, as young women of that generation), the coastal bookstore (Huabao She Shandong Province, Shandong, an important branch of Xinhua Bookstore), Jinan Cigarette Factory It is hard to imagine that they will be born in the same place - big Junan Zhen Zhen is a major historical and cultural towns, from the late Qing Dynasty to the Ming Wanli, where a total of seven out of the examination, 20 Juren. The strong family assets so that they built a large manor owner, said of the No. 72. In 1941, the Eighth Route Army, one of the three main divisions in the 115, led by Luo, Shanxi, Shandong into the long-term presence large stores, as a hinge to military and political office, 115 Eighth Route Army division headquarters, Shandong Military Region, Eastern Shandong Province, fighting the trade union committee Nantes have long-term presence here. Shop once a big party, government and military command center at the time of Shandong, Shandong Province, known as the "Yan'an small." At that time of large masses of Zhen That was the famous revolutionary Luo, Zhu Rui, Xiao Hua, Chen, Gu Mu, Li Yu's shadow, just as ordinary as ordinary neighbors.
August 13, 1945, to welcome the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, to accept the Japanese surrender in large Junan Zhen set to attend the liberated areas of the National People's generation The meeting of 38 representatives of the Shandong Province, the joint interim provincial council and provincial executive committee to write applications for the establishment of the Shandong provincial government. Provisional provincial council and provincial executive committee held a joint meeting of the 20th unanimous decision to the Executive Committee of Shandong Province in time of war for the provincial government of Shandong, Li Yu election for the President of the provincial government. 13, Li Yu issued by the President of the announcement, told the province: Shandong Provincial Government from their duties with immediate effect. At that time, under the jurisdiction of the People's Government of Shandong Province Public Security Office, Department of Finance, Department of Civil Affairs, Office of Industry, Justice, Education and Health and the Office of Administration of 7 departments and bureaus, the three were living in, Sixi, five Liu, Shen, Anren, three , Yan Xi 7, together with the office. As the dilapidated, seven provincial government departments and bureaus and offices at the former site of one of Kang Da have been seriously stale. Fortunately, this reporter on June 17 comes, here to see the ongoing large-scale repairs to flip - to celebrate the birthday of the 60 provincial government of Shandong and the construction of the Red Brigades Leading attractions, the provincial government decided to 115 of the Eighth Route Army division headquarters and the former site of the Shandong provincial government to conduct a comprehensive repair, although the size of a large, but also the old hall in the past, only one-tenth.
As was the capital of Shandong red, Luo, and other revolutionaries in command of the main force of 115 pilots , Puppet operations for three years, tens of thousands of times, in order to fight for victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan has made important contributions, there are many spread all over the moving deeds of heroes. However, outside the capital, then red, so that the same reporter is interested in: the year in addition to those heroic story, red-based people off What kind of life? Let the "small Yanan," provided us with a red base during the War of Resistance Against Japan's painting style bar.

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