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Linyi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng, Yishui long, mountainous Yimeng a good place. Yimeng mountain-known in the Shandong Province, Linyi, Shandong Province, located in the south-east, nine county jurisdiction the Third District, covering an area of 17,200 square kilometers, the population of 10,000,000, Shandong Province is the largest and most populous administrative region.

Linyi is located in the Southern coastal and strategic location, location advantages, improving the infrastructure. Location on the east by Rizhao Port, and Lanshan Port of Lianyungang, a bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge area of the East, two in Shandong and Jiangsu Province, an economic junction of the North-South intersection, economic and land and sea, a broad space for development. After the founding of the PRC, after a few Years of pain, Linyi City, has laid a good foundation for the development. Linyi airport more than a dozen cities around the country, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, East on the highway, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge railway, the railway into a major thoroughfare in the coastal city of Linyi crisscross the territory, constitute a very convenient three-dimensional land, sea and air transport backbone, Constantly improve the communications network modernization, making the earth Yimeng external links shorten the distance of time and space, passenger flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow here in the convergence of multi-wai, both within and outside the two-way interaction between the radiation at home and abroad, opening up a big, large blend, The development pattern has taken shape. The landscape and diverse types of Linyi City Into the rugged scenery in the north and southern charm in the land of fish and rice together, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, Yitaiwanfang. Is the northern part of the rolling mountains, Wei Yi is the central hills, south of the alluvial plain is endless. The northern part of the Mengshan, "Tianranyangba" and "keep in good health and longevity," is famous, hundreds of spans, the 72 main Thirty-Dong Tian, set risk, Austria, quiet, open, odd-hung, in one show, a distance of Mount Tai, the magnificent splendor. The meandering River Yi, such as the inlaid jade belt, that runs its length throughout, with Aura. Pro Tan Cang in southern plains, Jiangmen 10,000 ares, rice flower fragrance. Beautiful, "Hill Yimeng minor," the Linyi unlimited calling out the beautiful scenery Linyi city is a rich cultural history of the land. A few hundred thousand years ago, the two sides of the River Yi on the activities of human ancestors can be found, the ancient city of Linyi have been 2400 years of history. The famous "The Art of War" and "The Art of War Sun Bin," on the bamboo slips unearthed here, with exquisite Chinese Yinan Beizhai as the stone tomb is a national key cultural unit, Linyi City, the museum has more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics, of which more than 300 state-level cultural relics. Linyi generation or phase of Zhuge Liang, Wang Shu-sheng, calligrapher Yan Zhenqing, Liu San count, and Zeng, Kuangheng, such as Wang's hometown. They Canruo Chen, light future, the earth reflected the Yimeng Renjiedeling, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau brilliance.

  Linyi city is well-known old revolutionary base areas. During the war years, the people of Yimeng for the fight against foreign aggression and the victory of the Chinese revolution has made tremendous contributions and sacrifices, Yimeng 30,000 fine sons and daughters of the battlefield themselves. Car Supporting the front ranks of the rolling, Songzi Lang joined the army to send a touching scene, she and her three children of the red touching story of the history Menglianggu note of the Battle of the honorable revolutionary period of performance.

Linyi city is rich in resources, and plain hard-working people, is a land full of vitality. From Comrade Mao Zedong wrote-off calendar Walled to the country's first village electrification Liu Mission Village, and then to the hard work of the new typical Luojhuang, Shen Chong Quan, Jiujianpeng, Linyi reflects the hard-working people, the spirit of self-improvement. The spring breeze of reform and opening up the earth so that the Yimeng vibrant, everything looks new and fresh, engineering, agriculture, business, travel, transportation, urban construction, communications, electricity And the all-round social progress, Linyi City in china wholesale, ranking third in the National Wholesale Market, Lu became the Soviet Union, Henan, Anhui's largest commodity distribution center, is committed to the development of modern logistics in the form of building a regional Modern logistics center, a history of the ancient city is the high profile and brand-new The face of the rapid rise of impressive achievements in development.

. . Linyi City, Shandong Province is also the tourism resources in the market. A good ecological environment, and a long history and culture of Prachanda and the glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas for the city of Linyi provides a variety of high-grade tourism resources. Based on these brigade Resources, the city of Linyi in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry. In the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" in the municipal party committee and the municipal government has established the characteristics of Linyi "Yimeng good scenery," the strategy of tourism development highlights the "green Yimeng," "Red style", "Wen Tao Wu slightly," the three major themes, Yimeng tourism image and brand are more The more distinctive, more and more prominent. Linyi better tomorrow, Linyi tourism must also be more beautiful tomorrow!

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