Saturday, January 3, 2009

Qu Sea Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu sea park was established in October 1986, the city is the urban construction of the first integrated open-entertainment park, and then repeated the expansion and renovation, at present, has developed into a set of leisure, entertainment, to watch in one Multi-purpose park, was named the "Top Ten Park in Shandong Province."

The park accounts for Area of 20 hectares, of which 25 acres of water area, park-wide green coverage reached 93% of the whole garden space is divided into six major areas, namely: the elderly activity area, children's activities area, the District of flowers, fauna, water spots, administration District Six function. Park open for free, green people, but also to the people King, Public resources to the people, the city is the implementation of public works to the public and tourists to do practical things and good things of one of the major initiatives is to improve our city's urban management level is a major event. Park free of charge, not only narrow the gap between the masses and the psychological distance, but also let the public feel that they are the masters of the city.

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