Friday, January 2, 2009

Beach officials groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crown Beach is located in Lanzhou City ditch 10 kilometers east of the Yuzhong County, Ma is the title of mountains, ancient as the official policy of the Gansu horse base, Su-Ming Wang, "Wrangler Beach officials," a boundary marker. There are trench Villa Resort, Mongolian, and Tibetan Nationality-5 reception tent, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, for the important summer To travel.

  Beach officer Alexander Goushen groove scene, Cui Se-Bi flow, infinite quiet, enjoy the scenery along the way Tianchou scattered, vertical and horizontal criss-cross paths, Chaifei small hospital, crossfall Shu-Ying, one of the quiet simplicity of rural scenery. To the bottom line, in front suddenly, the mountains could see snow in the past with Chui Ling, clarity spring, Lin Overlapping waves, relaxed and happy. Beach officials are hard to ditch the number of spring flow, and the snow from the Nanshan mountain breeze floated, but will cool you are happy heart.

  Beach officials ditch humid climate, at any time Shanzhen any game you enjoy. This is a gift of nature's green Shanzhen, the kind of sweet, sour, astringent taste of five people Sheng Jin, prepared and responsive. Lying on a bench under a tree, the steep spring water bubbles out of a pot of tea, listening to the sounds of the birds, watching the charming scenery, it is necessary to set several new local Songhua, fern, fungus, mushroom, Old leader, young nettle, alfalfa flowers, Lily, and then drink two cups, that wonderful sense of self is Dunjue Such as in Shangri-la.

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