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To court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To court in the city of Lanzhou Cui-ying opportunities. Qing Gong Yuan for examination of the Church.

  Tongzhi years (1862-1874), Shaanxi and Gansu Governor General Tso a letter to the Ching court, a request to set up in Lanzhou Gong Yuan were allowed. The first year of Emperor Guangxu (875 work years) Gong Yuan completed, the site was 140 vertical Joe, Joe Cross 90, No. A capacity of 4,000 candidates, Zuo wrote the board "to the court." To the main court building, value and concept of Kam Tong Hall into 3 basic well-preserved hall, and corridors, rooms and so on. Now covers an area of 4700 square meters, construction area of 3000 square meters.

  Examination for the court to make a choice powerhouse, and its In the light of the Church value for the marking of the Examination, for this Yunnan University Library. Zhi Gong Mingyuan front of the original building, there are things in front of the building, homes, "each with its bachi for, willing-foot, three feet Road thoroughfare, their high canopy, its wide wall." The house was to Nai, during the storm, a piece of water, after the "clam shells to shop, so that no mud Juan , Light six-year (1821), "urn were to brick." So, homes, the end of the Qing dynasty, there were more than 5,000, homes, four high-rise buildings which have, that supervision. Am Scotia, arranged in rows, such as long-Lane, corner gate, set up to facilitate customs clearance lock. Qian Ziwen homes, with numbers, every living member of one of Health. After Admission Three times a three-day test, the candidates into a roll-call, day and time-consuming, after the Gun closed doors, open only carry out an assignment, room and board for three days, both in the number of homes, and to Qiaoluo time. "Gong Yuan repair tablets", and "door to women's room in the water, feeding on the Lake, take on Cardiff 300, for the difficult uphill pass, access gate, and sometimes tend to lack of . "Gong Yuan after the sinking, a little storm water solution. Chak hospital this cloud of the General Assembly, there are still homes, 40, also renovated in recent years, can see the style of homes, was evident.

  Late Qing Dynasty imperial examination system, abolished 28 years Guangxu (1903), Gong Yuan Yunnan Provincial Examination to be held for the last time, comes to a close. School sites, in addition to homes, with the court, there is this big cloud the main entrance, formerly known as the Dragon, about the original St. Paul have a left "Tengjiao", the amount of plaque inside the book "by taking out a disability"; said the right "since Feng, "important" by taking people out. " In the 1960s, the two are destroyed Square. There are slopes of the original entry-Ming Li Koji years, "Branch Heroes "of St. Paul, the late Ming and destroyed. The door, there are West Slope Gong Yuan, Ming and Qing Gong Yuan has been known as slope, at the entrance of the street, said Gong Yuan Gong Yuan Street, the city hospital Denggong slender steps that the Lung Mun Road. Gongyuan seat on the streets of the original stone bridge From the city to the main Gong Yuan, said the Longmen Bridge. Old "Tang Lung, 10 times the price," Yun said that straight up, Gong Yuan Street was also changed to Qingyun Street. Gong Yuan until the west side of Great Simon, was the member counties should be candidates together, a great scholar, such as weather Lin, Wen-lin Street, it said. Mr. Lake's West Bank slope, because there are premises for the Transcript, the examination of the Treasury named after Mr. staying. Lake Road East emperor also China Hall, Examiner for the examination before and after the residents. One Man Lam Street, Mr. slope, and other names are still preserved.

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