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Kim Chang-tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim Chang has a long history, since ancient times, is a multi-ethnic inhabited areas. As early as 4,000 years ago, the original clan society, human beings have evolved here. Shang and Zhou dynasties, for the West to Rongmu. Qin to the Spring and Autumn, Zhu Mu clan on this. Early Han Dynasty, a break Hun Tu jurisdiction to Wang. Since the Western Han Dynasty County, home to the yuan The more than 1,000 years, has set up bird-luan, and Fan, Li gram dry, marked the United States, Fan Wo, Yan branch, and other county, County, home Yongchang Road, Yuan, Ming Chi Wei Yong-Qing read Yongchang County, are still in use.

  In March 1912, Yongchang County, Gansu provincial government under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China. 193 In November,??????into Xilu Jun Yongchang, established the Chinese Soviet Yongchang district (county) government, only 23 days. In September 1949 Liberation of Yongchang County, the establishment of People's Yongchang County, areas in Wuwei attached to the Administrative Office. February 9, 1981, the State Council approved the setting up of the city of Jinchang, jurisdiction Yongchang County

  Kim Chang-lying tilted from the northeast to the southwest. To mountain terrain, mainly plains, deserts, oases, the desert to start things, change the North and the South, alternating order. Be based on the characteristics into three categories: Qilian Mountains southwest of Long Ridge and its branch cold, majestic mountains tall and straight, "Qi In recent days, "said Ling-long cold as the territory of the peak, 4442 meters above sea level, snow, mountain distribution of natural forests, alpine meadow, the vegetation coverage rate reached 75 percent, Kim Chang is an important water conservation area, since ancient times "Snow-capped Qilian, Jessica Yan support grass" is renowned natural pasture. Central Even, rhubarb, Wudang, the first Long Zhushan between Yongchang, Qinghe Sanbao such as Oasis, at an elevation of 1800 meters or so, flat, fertile land, the territory is the main crop-growing areas. In the north-east elevation of about 1,500 meters, with the exception of Ning, the two-oasis Bay, while the rest is desert, sand dunes, desert and semi-drought Grassland.

Kim Chang-rich tourism resources. The territory of many cultural relics have been found in more than 200. A mandarin duck pond of the New Stone Age, the dam site; there during the Western Han Li gram dry sites, Han and Ming Great Wall and the large number of Han Tomb of the group; there is capacity in the Tang Dynasty Temple St.; are known as "in Hexi A column "of the Ming Dynasty Drum Tower Yongchang 10 minutes; to the north of Hai Zi are the main tower of the ancient buildings, and other scenic areas, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, Greenfield, Xiangyingchengqu wave of scenic rivers of the West, the holiday is a good place.

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