Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hami Mingsha Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I Hami men Zi Ming Shashan north about 12 kilometers east side of State Road 302 through the province. Mingsha Shan Barkol Hami Basin is located in the eastern edge surrounded by high mountains surrounded by a radius of about 25 square km and an elevation of 2010 meters on the ground, Dune by the relatively high degree of 35-115 meters range for most of the sand dunes in the northwest - southeast direction Pohuan West, East Podou.

  By the golden sand dunes, Feng Jian Qiao ridge, winding snake, the interface between sand dunes. Dune wicker at the bottom of the river flow into a large bulk of green meadow marsh, by the evaporation of moisture in the Ming Shashan around a huge echoed steam box. When people from the Ming Shashan top-down slide when Sand squeezed by the collision with each other to produce the piezoelectric can be transformed into a flexible, elastic and then to be able to change sound, the sound can wicker by the river to enlarge resonate resonance box will be issued after the "Wengweng Weng," and "hiss hissing "Seems like Luekong bombers roar. When the common people down, the sound deafening. Hua Sha people Sha Ming listen to all who have been loud and strong voice of the sand-ming excited cheers and jumping, dancing, cheering the sound made so much noise. There are tourist reception center where, in both Huashapali, sand hill has more than 200 wooden ladder climbing class for Huasha recreational activities to create the necessary conditions.

  Mingsha Shan hinterland in recent years, the area also found that quite Hill's inter-basin, basin with a thick growth of trees up to 2 meters above the sea buckthorn forest, over a total area of 0.6 hectares, there is a long-term there is little Crescent Moon Spring water.

Mingsha Shan Green sand under the surface layer distribution obviously, the sand on the regular growth of grass-yin and India, low-lying sand dunes Department also into the sand between film Drug distribution, rather CMV landscape. Legend has it that, in the Tang Dynasty Ewha Fan Ming Shashan camped overnight on the sand to be buried. West miscellaneous poem stated, "Yuan Men mist seems to be marks, business legend, 48 Tuen, poor night evil wind, buried in the heroes Fu Pen." Is the story of this description. There have unearthed ancient soldiers Armor pieces, and other artifacts, may also confirmed the above-mentioned legends. In the face of visitors to the ancient barracks and Fan Ma Ewha pile, and other sites. Meditate tone is felt.

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