Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fire hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fire hole at Yining City, 19 km north-west of Western Hills tiechanggou, is Jiaqing 19 years of the Qing Dynasty (1814) found on the ground floor by the spontaneous combustion of coal fields and the formation of geothermal resources. From the fracture gap in the overflow, containing sulfur, Bai Fan, crystal and other minerals gas, a variety of chronic treatment of chronic effect to a certain extent, The treatment of many diseases, the local people to these places called "Fire Dragon hole", with its magical geothermal gases known for convalescence. Fire is indeed the magic hole. In the same area of the holes, some as high as 100 degrees Celsius temperature; hole Some people feel spring warmth; some smoke-Piaomiao; have Colorless gas-emitting; some Emitting a cold mixture of water vapor points. These functions are a far cry from the hole, and some can cure arthritis, and some can cure high blood pressure, to some gynecological diseases Zhi, and some ears can cure eye disease, and some can cure intractable headache ... ... even more interesting is , A small cave Xiangyanghong the temperature is as high as 100 degrees Celsius, not only Eggs, baked Nang, but also clear beef broth and mutton.
  Bayan was established in 1972 Dai-Fire hospitals, the use of heat to treat disease has been the development and utilization of the effect of different features of the 9-hole, can cure arthritis, high blood pressure, intractable disease, gynecology, and other chronic diseases.

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