Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I men Zi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the city of Hami northbound over the Tianshan Mountains, to the mouth of the men Zi. This is Hami, Yiwu, the three roads Balikun connection point, the ancient Silk Road was an important post, but also ancient customs risk of military strategic pass. I was a men Zi Tian Gap, mountains on three sides, the vast Lin. A Gap, is open grassland, Wild stretch. Changeable weather here, "Serissa" is not rare, even in winter and one group "Linhaixueyuan" The scenery in the north. Here has a high altitude ice rink, ice training is ideal for athletes. In the summer, the bright yellow rape flowers and the green hills on the prairie, the green of the opening race Shanlin Jian, Yang Small shacks, beehive, the bees falling, the crowd of peristalsis, for a little poetic Tim grassland. Rain is "endless scenery after the rain Tim." The fog also wind around the mountains to the prairie's magic cast a veil. TV drama "Gods" in Xian is the monster battle scenes filmed here, and here we can see the scenery To people outside of the charm of days floating in the air.

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