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Ili Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Less than Xinjiang, the Chinese do not know, less than Ili, Xinjiang, I do not know the beauty of" Jingdang this, the appropriate decent, respectable man, with the development of the western region to fight the noise levels will not take the track and, spread around the world. It gave all the guests of the common border to the feelings, and I also mentioned in particular the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang Yili people feeling proud. Yili really beautiful. The United States and it's unique, the United States was extraordinary, even nourish it is the Ili You Youran westward flow. Yili is the hinterland of Central Asia, a warm and Green Island, is a distant one Xichui heaven-sent treasure, a thousand miles north of the Great Wall is a opening Heng Fa ... ... south of the Yangtze River, There's such a bright blue sky Bi Ye; rare hectares of fertile farmland under the mountain! Here, the long river of snow-capped mountains sunset backed bridges people; here, Zhanfang cattle and sheep ranch with modern cities and towns superimposed on the same screen ... ...

Yili the United States, the United States and the United States on the original site in the vast area -- ?? ?? located in the Ili in the northwest frontier of the motherland, known as "beyond the Great Wall Jiangnan" reputation. Eight-county jurisdiction of a city, covering an area of 56,000 square kilometers, the population of 2,090,000, the Civil Administration in the region, "Flora" in Yining City, here is the northern political, economic and cultural center. Yili area around the branch separated from the Tianshan Mountains, its independence The geographical environment, derived from a series of features, fantastic natural landscape. Here is located in the hinterland of Central Asia, the ancient Silk Road, North Road, the hub of blending East and West, coupled with the many national, is rich in folk customs, renowned at home and abroad in the form of fascinating tourist attractions.

This Abundant rainfall and pleasant weather, beautiful scenery and abundant resources, rich products. Ili region and North bortala Autonomous Prefecture, which borders Mongolia and the northeast region, Tacheng and connected to the city of Usu, and the South East Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Hejing County, adjacent to the South and in Aksu Prefecture, Baicheng, Wensu County to connect the West With Kazakhstan And the junction of the country, 421 km long border line.

Yili the United States, the United States on national conditions and customs in the United States and strong characteristics --
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The residents of more than 40 ethnic composition. There are Han, Kazak, Uygur, Mongolian, Xibe, Manchu, Hui, Russian, and other 13 nationalities. So many nationalities Different living habits to form the colorful paintings of the folk painting style. Here, you can see the powerful, thrilling the Diaoyang Kazakhstan, horse racing, chasing girls; can see cheerful, humorous Uighur "to just Macy." You can hear the beautiful deep feeling of the Hui nationality, "Flowers"; can also enjoy the bow Nationality Archery hand presence. You can go into Kazakhstan Zhanfang guests. You can go to see them Uighur farmers welcome the bride's blue carriage, you can eat here, I eat the fragrant Zhuafan, grasping meat, fresh taste of refreshing Kaoquan Yang ... ...

Yili the United States, the United States still has a long history in the United States and the source of long -- This is a tribute to the Han Dynasty poetry, "a Western Ma" (Ma Yili today's) home, "Wusun" old haunt, is the Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian arrived in the rate of 300 missions. In 108 BC, Liu Wang Jiangdu small daughter married Wusun Wang Jun, sowing the seeds of ethnic kinship. As she later Princess worries, where the military to be married name, the name Weng, mud Wusun wasted three generations of kings, a total of more than five decades of life. This is the first Chinese "Jun Ken", Genghis Khan is a force build-up Western Expedition. Lin had been accepted here, such a famous Tang Ting Zhen, a famous contemporary writers have left Wang Meng in this "Devolution work" can be found, according to the research, the Yili River valley is a matriarchal society, "Queen Mother of the West Capital."

Yili the United States, the United States and the United States and in more tourists and more tourist attractions --

Sailimu, Yili first leg of his trip. The blue water, blue sky, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, white Air while you're long. Guozigou, 18 Hill Road, the storied overlapping peaks, waterfalls Quan Yong, a step King. Yili River Bridge, west of the clean water, across a bridge. Topol has green riparian forest, there are pretty comfortable Resort.

Needless to say also go Tamboura, Nala Ti, Kashi River secondary forest, grassland about al engine , Rock Mountain, a witness, "Shuangye red flowers in February" Qiaxiqiujing. It should also look at the country Horgos, Lin Hall, Luke spit Tiger mausoleum, the city of Bagua Turks, then the best-looking Zhaosu a word of thanks to Gordon Qianlong monument to Xiata list of horse racing's ranch Scenery. If you are interested in, but also to Ke Dala can see the estate grapes, into the "Caoyuanzhiye" charming mood, take a ride along the rural, known as "Ma's" blue carriage.

  Ili in Xinjiang is famous apple production, called "Apple town." Yili to preserve the nation's original rare wild fruit trees, many experts believe may Ili Apple is one of the world culture to one of the origins of.
  Yili suitable for the growth of Apple, the introduction of many species in the set up Yili, its quality is far better than the country of origin, Yili Apple bright color, dense succulent crisp, sweet and sour moderate, tolerant storage transport.
  There are many rare local varieties of apples, ripe Zi Heise was the Apple; Pingguo Pi tea like color of strong tea Aozhi Fu tea water; also milk-colored Apple and its skin, flesh color Posi milk; oil cooked apples, fruit shine transparent; potato Apple once mature, skin cracking, The flesh color and quality as potato (called Xinjiang for potato potato). Yili also view The high value of red apples, it's unique in its trunk, branches, fruit and flowers were dark red, crown shape is also very beautiful.

Yili Prefecture in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located in the Ili Valley in the Midwest, the 8 county jurisdiction a city with a total area of 56,000 square kilometers, population 204 41 ethnic groups live together in this beautiful and fertile land. Yili gets its name from the famous Ili. Far in the Han Dynasty, the Yili "out in Iraq," included in the name of Han, Li said that after the "Elisabeth" and "is also out," and "benefit from." "Yili" is the official name of the Qing Dynasty. Yili geographical differences than , Diverse terrain, moderate climate is arid regions of Central Asia's wetlands Island, light, heat, water resources, rich farmers should Yimuyilin. For thousands of years, there has always been nomadic in the proliferation of development, is the birthplace of one of the grassland culture.
Yining City as the capital of the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Yili Prefecture of political, And cultural centers, one in Yili Prefecture in the multi-cultural play an important role. Yining City, along the Ili Valley in the central, dominating the north shore of Yili, Yining County, east, west Huocheng Xian, the South and across the river qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, north of the Tianshan pulse Qin Ke Guer Hill, adjacent to the Hall Dole Fruit Sri Lanka, and Lata namse Three points, since ancient times the "Silk Road" North Road trading city.
To the founding of the early reform and opening up, slow development of the industrial city of Yining. After the reform and opening-up, the city of Yining industry has changed dramatically. Since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party, the city of Yining relying on a wealth of resources and geographical advantages Vigorously develop industries, the expansion of enterprise autonomy, the implementation of economic responsibility, joint-stock cooperation system and other operating systems, at the same time to enhance economic efficiency as the central task, strengthen enterprise management, enterprise reform, step up efforts to introduce advanced technologies, capital, continue to develop The new products, improve product quality, many products have been Guoyou Bu You, You district glorious title of the famous "Ili special song" is a case in point.
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Yili has a long history goes back to ancient times, As early as the Central Plains Xinjiang and the Central dynasty to establish strategic links powerhouse. Wusun founded in the Yili and later as Yue, Xi Tujue account of the teeth, Chagatai Khanate of the capital, but also in the Village, the capital of the Khanate of the Junggar, and down two thousand years, China thousands of miles, Yili has been a famous place . Qing Dynasty, and Ili in Xinjiang was the first .
Yili is a multi-ethnic settlements, known as racial, ethnic and called Expo.
Ili Kazak region is China's most populous.
Yili is the only Xibe Autonomous County.
Yili is the use of minority languages up. Yili is the use of national languages up to the local national language of most other areas.
Zhaosu Yili St. Mary Help of Christians in Xinjiang is the largest temple of Lama Miao.
"Yili NINETOWNS" is the first of the Qing Dynasty Xinjiang Ayutthaya construction of the district; Ili in Xinjiang Hui Yuan is the only existing ancient city of the ancient city of the Qing Dynasty.
Lai Temple in the city of Shaanxi, Xinjiang is the oldest mosque of the Hui.
"Ili in Xinjiang Daily," founded in 1934, in the history of Xinjiang is only by the Han, Victoria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia; published in four languages, Han two-dimensional characters out of a total of one newspaper reported.
"People's Guide" in the history of China's Xinjiang The only regional Russian newspapers, issued in the 40's.
Hui Yuan Yili City, Russia is the first in the country for foreign consulates in China. Qing Xianfeng in August (1853) officially opened China's first set of a foreign consulate.
Yili is the The settlement was first introduced in the western region. Feng Yuan Emperor six years (105 BC), Han Wusun central government in the Ili Valley Dynasty. Ili in Xinjiang is the modern history of settlement of the most developed areas, there are Tuen flag, Bingzhun, Tuen back, Damintun, Tuen removal.
"Yili four Camp" (Xibe, Solon, Cher, Root business) is engaged in China Xu settlements on the edge of the oldest, has a history of the Eight, on January 14, 1938 so that the settlement was announced the withdrawal of Ili. Yili settlement so that China is the only settlement in the history of the local settlement agencies, withdraw planted in 1938. Yili benefits far western Chinese city was the first opening to the outside world trading port In 1853 established the first Russian trade circles.
Ili Horgos Port in western China is the largest of the earliest ports.
Nilka Ili in Xinjiang is the site of the ancient copper mine have been found in the most ancient mine, the National rare.
Drainage Ili Wong (the people of this channel) is a well-known in the history of Xinjiang's water conservancy Shi, the first irrigation area of Xinjiang.
Xinjiang Yili dairy production in the first, accounting for 60% of the total output of the autonomous region.
Founded in?????Ma Yili's plant as early as the time scale, the first in Xinjiang. Yili is the home of Pegasus. Wusun stallion transport to the Mainland, the first in Xinjiang. Iraq Stallion market was established in 1942, the country's largest species of one of the race course.
Yili uranium is China's first batch of uranium into the base.
Yili is China's largest, the introduction of the first high-level production of spices lavender, lavender oil production first in the country.
Ili in Xinjiang is to The largest commodity grain and oil.
Zhaosu Ili in Xinjiang in the first oil production plant.
Ili in Xinjiang is the largest flax production.
Yili viper Plateau, China is the only distribution of the snake species.
Yili is China's wild wild apricot apricot concentrate on one of the regions.
Li Huo Chengxian four turtle claw-arid areas in Europe and Asia is the only existing rare species.
Yili black bee is one of our fine bee species, their population size and the first production in Xinjiang.
Yili Huocheng Xian in the border areas of northern Xinjiang, China is the only distribution of Xi Xian animals.
Yili ten Chinese medicinal herbs Rich, Fritillaria, Ephedra, Antlers, bezoar, ferulic, snow lotus, sea buckthorn, such as almond production accounts for more than 20 species of the first in Xinjiang; Fritillaria Ili Ili and national well-known red deer velvet, the sales at home and abroad.

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