Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feng Sui Silk Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Sui Silk Road: Feng Sui is the ancient alarm system, it is out of the Great Wall and the co-existence of a complete military defense system. However, the existence of an independent defense to play a role in early warning, Xinjiang is the best example of the beacon towers. Xinjiang Tianshan all over the north-south Feng Sui, with the golden mean of the Silk Road and North Road towards consensus Security played a major role in the smooth flow of the Silk Road. At present, Hami region still retain the age of 51 a total of Feng Sui, Xinjiang is the largest and best preserved Feng Sui. In particular the number of Barkol County to preserve the largest number of Feng Sui, a total of 29, Yiwu County, Hami City, and were 19 and 3. Hami region as early as Feng Sui built in the Tang Dynasty, is still the territory remains Tang Feng Sui 4, which is the second Hami Fort Lake Su-Feng Sui, Willow Springs does not dismount Iraq Feng Sui, Santanghu Bali Kun Feng Sui, Yiwu Hill before the Turpan-wide Erxiao Na Feng Sui. They have been since 1200 years. The present Feng Sui is the preservation of the vast majority of all Qing The construction. Feng Sui before the distribution is the most densely Saerqiaoke Barkol county line to the west, where there are a thousand meters at 2-3, fell across the sea are as many as 13, the city Censen such as the poem says: "Cold Station Far as points, while Wang Feng each other, "Silk Road become a major spectacular! Saerqiaoke tunnel and the Palestinians fung South Lake's two-Kun Feng Sui is basically the same shape, into a square base, the tunnel-up for the contraction of the prismatic, are Rammed earth construction, compactor in the red folder switchgrass and use the framework of logs. Feng Zhang Kuange Saerqiaoke tunnel 8 meters, 7 meters high, up and down through the tunnel-mounted four-story about 8 centimeters in diameter wooden poles. Barkol Bin-Feng tunnel 400 meters from the highway, the big question integrity of the tunnel, each 10 m length and width of more than 9 meters high, the tunnel-Chuanzao in the rough log diameter of 25 cm-fung, south-east tunnel plot was also the site of the new paid courtyard. Sunset in the afterglow of the first series under the Barkol-fung, especially the ancient tunnel, thorough, and it represents the ancient Silk Road Xi Brilliant.

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