Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Four Seasons Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi clear four seasons, all with charm. Late spring. After the winter snows melt, the instant green grass all over the lake. From grass flowers in full bloom, decorate a beautiful spring. Picea spruce needles fibrillation, yellow poplar buds from the green. Summer season, Tianchi always keep the temperature around 20 degrees, the breeze blowing, it is nice and cool, for them to stay away Summer treasure of feng shui. In the summer of Tianchi, a lake of luminous green water waves, waves of Kazakhstan's winter Blazy sound. The hospitality of the Kazakh people in the Tianchi Lake on the grass of the wide-day set up a white Zhanfang seat for visitors to prepare the tea, milk, cheese and meat Shouzhua, there is a pleasure to look at the civil Dance. Tianchi in the fall of the rich colors of the most graceful. A mirror-like lake, you might see are no longer green, but from time to time changes, overcast weather was fine with the sunset light or changing the rhythm. The blue sky and clouds of red, the Molv Ta Song, the golden leaves, reflected in the Autumn, into gorgeous colored lake. Whenever Yi float to the surface, the surface reflection of thousands of rock, the ever-changing, like a modernist painting of the book spread in the lake. Tianchi Lake in late October from the ice to thaw in early May over the years, as long as six months in the winter, condensing Tianchi lake with the 1-meter thick ice, Tianchi is not only a reception for Chinese and foreign tourists in the summer to avoid the Resort, winter is a good mountain skating rink. Tianchi Lake from the tip, clean water, and freeze After a very smooth; In addition, the upper hand at this time a small lake, the sunshine, especially suitable for skating.

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