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Bayanbulak Swan Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayanbulak Swan Lake National Nature Reserve, located in the Andean mountains have yule Basin, the upper reaches of the river are, Bazhou and static in the western counties. The average elevation of 2400 meters, covering an area of more than 1000 square kilometers, the flat terrain, abundant water, the lake spread all over. "Bayinbuluke" Mongolian word for "spring-rich" Swan Lake by the exchange of many small lakes in the composition of the lake.

Before and after a year in April, the Swan, Little Swan, Mute swans, gulls, and other rare birds and wild birds, 70, just over 10,000, to fly in this group, evolved. Swan built in the region tower for visitors to watch high. Swan Lake, such as small river with Back, Lee bottom; numerous aquatic plants in Lake and the surrounding mountains, green grass and alpine Picea reflected on the lake; swans, gulls geese in groups, sometimes filled with the lake, the water from time to time to rise, high-altitude take-off. Swan sunlight, water, mountains, clouds melt into a very spectacular.

There are scenic areas Wilshire kunas and ditch area, Aer Xia for the Mongolian, which means "treatment Stephen." Hot Springs is located in the district to the north bank of Aer Xia, 12 spring like Keke pearl inlaid in the 400-meter-long valley on the ground, Stephen pad, cold seeps, such as eye-chuen. Tourism in the region with spa bath and guest house. "Snow Mountain Zoo" The ditch area, a dense forest in the frozen, snow leopard, red deer, antelope, such as gutturosa more than 20 kinds of rare animals on show, the region dense spruce green, down the mountain; on both sides of the valley, rich in forage grass, thrive.

  3 to April each year, the big swans, and Little Swan Mute Swan mainly of more than 10,000 rare birds coming here only to multiply Interest rates to October-November and then to move out, stay as long as six months or more.

  In that case, why Bayinbuluke be able to attract a large number of swans and the habitat of rare birds to do? The original Swan Lake has a unique geographical environment and the Protection of Birds as the son of local residents to protect. Swan area, money Clouds, cross river, lush aquatic plants, the climate is cool and quiet environment, abundant food, this has become a well-known Chinese and foreign crane and swan, egret, Bar-headed Goose, golden eagle, wild gulls, brown-tail birds, all kinds of wild ducks and other waterfowl Paradise. Bayinbuluke sparsely populated grasslands, the local Mongolian herdsmen, as the Swan for the day And well-being of birds, has long been careful to protect. Swan herders have been some of the care and well-fed, they are spare, like poultry, but to a large group with the late autumn on the south. The spring of next year, back in the host.

  Swan was built in protected areas in 1980 National Bird Banding point (that is, the birds put on the ring to the scientific instruments to carry out scientific exploration of the center), an important scientific research value in the international community also has a certain impact. 1986 was approved by the National Nature Reserve.

  According to statistics, protection of the birds in the region 128 kinds of rare, accounting for 74% of migratory birds, resident birds account for 26%; more than 20 species of mammals, amphibians 3, 5 kinds of fish. As the cold and frozen soil, lack of tall trees in protected areas, mainly herbaceous vegetation to about 50 Section 160 is more than 260 kinds.

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