Tuesday, December 16, 2008

China elevation inland Tulufan 0:00 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yar Turpan, Xinjiang is located in the rural village of the Palestinian territory. For the geographical coordinates 89 degrees 11 minutes east longitude. 42 degrees 56 minutes north latitude, "0:00" 13 km west Jiaohegucheng, 50 km east Changli Old City, north Su Gong Tower 2 km, the lowest point in the south Ayding Lake 30 km. "Zero" is a special geographical location. Xinjiang Lu Fan basin is the lowest in the Chinese inland basin, but also the world's second low-lying, it's below sea-level area of 4050 square kilometers, such as zero by the coil, the lowest point -154.43 meters above sea level. The establishment of China's inland sea level against ailanthus rich scientific significance of popular science with propaganda, carried out for Chinese and foreign Of the exchange, the development of tourism has great significance. Chinese inland at an elevation of zero signs of a top-round, polygon in the main building. The main building about 8 meters, generous and elegant appearance. "0:00" mark the opening built in 1993, Xinjiang's Turpan area is the base of patriotic education .

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