Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tianchi Lake Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overlooking the air, as if the road Tianchi a coiled snake was a huge mountain. In such a car traveling on the mountain, visitors to the mountain as the changes in the hi then suddenly scared. On the re-Xiao; when Dan Fei Ge flow, under the provisional landless. Winding paths, natural picture is a fascinating step by step. Tianchi in the winding road on the road, you can Review the day, between the mountain, and a different climate. Yamahana bottom in full bloom, Feng Fei Splendor, when the three-chun; mountain birch Chung, Lam Blot out the Sun, the sequence is a nine summer; slope Kuteng old, faint Juanniao Manado, the scene is the late autumn; Bogda Peak and the future Snow, reflect the depth of winter scenery. Four Seasons Smoke King, once in the head It could be overwhelmed.

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