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Nanshan scenic tourist - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi Nanshan scenic area in the south of Urumqi County, where high-rise Xuefeng, undulating hills, lush trees, flowers everywhere, spring water features, enchanting scenery, is the summer tour with the resort. The more well-known place there is east and west Baiyang Gou, after the Gap, Gap Gan, Dengcao ditch, Shuixigou, Seoul temple groove groove, such as room and board. Nanshan in the Tang Dynasty, when it is well-known hunting area, when the Qing Dynasty is a well-known ranch, as summer tour, in the early Qing Dynasty, was the originator. Although the years immediately after the liberation without a strong development, however, often beautiful scenery attracts tourists come here especially.

  Nanshan scenic area in 1989 was awarded the regional government For the autonomous region-level scenic spots. Local farmers and herdsmen to start with the economic sense in their own house or Zhanfang outside the bar on 12 yurts, in addition to the provision of accommodation to visitors, visitors can also help bring the food processing or cooking tool rental to visitors. In the early 1990s, Urumqi and outside Some of the enterprises, business nanshan to see the development of tourism potential and began investing in the construction of nursing homes in the vicinity of Nanshan, resort. By the late 1990s, such as Nanshan sprung up along the emergence of large and small tourist resort. High standards and high-level resorts have begun to appear. Southern landscape of Xigou Sil Leave the village is three-star resort standards, at present, in order to "resort-style garden," which claims to have the silver Village covers an area of about 120 acres, in addition to rooms, there are 11 villas, restaurants, dance halls, tennis courts, gymnasium, Kang Legong, Self-contained multi-function hall, there is a capacity of 300 people meeting room. Sambong shadow stack - alfalfa Taiwan

  Alfalfa Taiwan Torricelli rural area located in the southern suburbs of the territory, 55 kilometers away from Urumqi City. 2020 meters above sea level, covering an area of 3 square kilometers, is a top tourist areas, pasture platform. Surrounded on three sides by scenic mountains, the meadow grass will be Yongruhuaizhong. Looking at scenic peaks overlap , The breeze blowing over Songtao Department, the Jimuyuantiao faintly visible in the urban areas. With luxuriant grass area Rui, colorful wildflowers, as if a huge soft ease of brocade to be laid in between the mountains. From spring to autumn, the area to go forward more than 10 kinds of wild flowers in full bloom, yellow, purple, light blue, red, white, colorful Beautiful. Plus a number of springs gurgle, red deer, wild boars, wild animals, such as Marmota see the line of trees and grass in between, all showing one of the attractive features of the original, stunning, relaxed and happy. There are scenic mountains sambong stands, Cuolayouzhi, mysterious and full of poetic, is a "shadow sambong stack." Bai Yang Fei Bao - Bai Yanggou

  Bai Yanggou located in the scenic areas of the West in the southern suburbs of Urumqi, at the northern foot peak days Nagel, 58 km away from the urban area, covering an area of 612.52 hectares, is the Nanshan scenic spot in the prestigious summer resort tourism, as a result of over gully Topol named after. Bai Yanggou into the West, as if Into a fairy tale world. Even inside the scenic pine continued Ling Feng, Qi eventual unexpected, water features Gou Mountain streams through farms in the rocks, Zuozuo villa in the shade leaves Lam, Zhanfang little scattered on the lawn in the open, pressing Wild. Especially in the ditch as high as 70 meters steep Fei Bao, such as the Bai Lian left, hit rock-splash, if Hauni It is amazing spray click one's tongue. Bai Yanggou come, you can take a carriage, co-author of the melodious tones, carefully feeling quiet Baiyang Gou Qi risk of natural scenery, but also the arm in the sun, lying on semi-soft on the lawn to see Goshawk circling in the sky in the distance and Kazakhstan is rich in folk customs of the race, Diaoyang, Mother, and so on up performances, far from the city to enjoy the calm and happy with that. From the 1950s and 1960s, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, Jiang Zemin and other leaders of the party's third generation has come to visit scenic spots, called on all ethnic groups of farmers and herdsmen, to add a more specific area, For the rich Connotations of the text. At present, the area in vacation homes, hotels, and so on Zhanfang reception facilities, superior service, to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists each year to the summer tourist resort.

  Chui Valley tobacco - East Bai Yanggou
  Bai Yanggou located in the scenic southern suburbs of East board room inside Gou Xiang, 56 km away from Urumqi, accounting for Area of 334.4 hectares, the area inside the confrontation between the peaks, towering old trees, trees Weng Yu, luxuriant fragrant grass, a clear mountain streams of pure Gan Qing Yin shallow sing, from Yili. And Su Liu, the breeze blowing, Greenfield in the endless moving Linhai Yong, a magnificent view. Shan Xi Li rain area from time to time, Lan fog cover in the top row of trees, such as Like magic; when Ji-sun and rain, cloud steaming Wei Xia, picturesque. Bai Yanggou Tsui East hiding in the smoke of green Villa, albeit not very clearly, the more scenic spots to add a mood of the Miao-Miao. At present, is located within the green landscape of Xinjiang Hill is the only natural scenic spot of the three-star tourist hotels, service facilities, service First-class quality, known as "the first of the Tianshan Zhuang", summer vacation is a good place.

  Ju-xiang Makino - Chrysanthemum Taiwan
  Chrysanthemum Taiwan is located in scenic areas in the southern suburbs Gan Gou Xiang inside, away from Urumqi, more than 50 km, 2000-2400 meters above sea level, covering an area of 500 hectares, is - slow film The tilt-table fan. Goudi stream Wan Yan, pines clouds to the north, south Fengmao green. In the broad flat surface -, Golden Chrysanthemum, purple Zhaosu, Lau-fong, Cai Yi, the Man Po-cheng of cattle and sheep dotted Splendor Feng Fei, in particular, the sun will be projected in the shadow of the white clouds above the water like a green man evaded Moving, more King Added - Different Road scene. During a stroll, people could not help but look dusty, Xiasi elegant, as if to enter the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuan-ming famous through the ages "to adopt Dong-ju, leisurely southern mountains," the mood among.

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