Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Butterfly Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Butterfly ditch located in the urban areas in Altay more than 60 kilometers to the east bank of the Lectra other mountains, the Kazakh in the ravine known as the "bank LECTRA other Black," which means "butterfly ditch."

Butterfly was north-south trench, about 60 kilometers, about 1400 meters above sea level. Surrounded by high mountains around here, Water features, the scenery is very beautiful. Each year in June to September, the Butterfly ditch flowers, there will be millions of butterflies fly here, come together to form a sea butterfly. At this time in the valley is full of butterflies, such as large leaves, such as small snowflakes, and some white, some gold, some black, some silver, beautiful bright On the trails at 50 meters round one, piles of butterflies. Butterfly each pile at least hundreds, then thousands more.


Butterfly Hill Road congestion in some cases, as long as visitors take a step by step, it will pile of trampled to death. Net with a little flutter, you can only catch Bajiu Shi. According to preliminary investigations, the Butterfly Gap There are several dozens of varieties of butterflies, colorful, beautiful. Maple Leaf, such as large and small, such as snowflakes, and some body such as turbot, and some like Quicksilver, some of the edge of wings like a parabola, and some peacock is very much like the opening screen. As for the butterfly's colors and make people even more dizzying stripe: some white, some gold, some black, The silver gray, and some single pure color, and some land from the Ban Bo; scales and some beautiful bright, flashing a shiny metal or soft like Hong Xia; some plain, clear bright. As the butterflies fly thousands of action is, a myriad of mental life,; insects will be "dancers" performing the most beautiful figure Butterfly ditch in the number of absolute superiority of the hawthorn is Pieris, the most beautiful is the most precious large Seyan of butterflies. In addition, the common species of butterflies have Parnassius beads, Batocera Pieris, Nymphalidae line, Nymphalidae leopard, white Nymphalidae hook, Xiaohui Die ...... Hu Diequan of Yunnan, Xinjiang, we compared the Butterfly Ditch, "Pale into insignificance."

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