Tuesday, December 16, 2008

National Scenic Area between Mo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yili big Mo Mo is located between Seoul between township east of Seoul, Mizoguchi 2.5 km of the township government, even as a result of large Mo Fall River named after. Mok large forest areas between Seoul is an important one, is also well-known scenic spots, many Zhigou, There are features, such as the ditch eagle, bear ditch, Alemale ditch, and so on, and the products are named after the characteristics of animals and plants. To make it There are many tourism resources of the treasure. 26 km long main channel, the top groove for small Kuerdening. Mok large field to Seoul between Apple and larger number of known species is Gongliu County's treasure variety of tourism resources. Main groove 26 km long, the top groove for the small Kuerdening.

Tai Mo Huyiyeping Large area, multi-known species, Gongliu County, Wild Apple is the main focus of the main distribution area, a gallon is black, producing one of the important Marin. Kuerdening there are forest roads leading to the scenic area. Mok even large landscapes to Seoul Beautiful, unique scenery and the win is not only a well-known scenic spots, but also love the arts of painting and photography's paradise and Park, the photographer to shoot a lot of great scenery Mo between Seoul and by the international and domestic awards.

Small Mo Mo is located between Seoul between township east of Seoul, between Mozambique to the west of Seoul, Mizoguchi 2 km from the township government, as a result of even small-Mo Fall River got its name. Donggou are, in Xigou and groove, are well-known Lin origin. One 20 km long trench, the top groove to the Special lush forest, dense Department oxen and horses can not visit. Mok small to Seoul between rich Marin (raspberry) and the well-known, it is also dubbed the "Marin ditch." Mok small animals and plants between Seoul Rich, with the exception of Marin, there are a large number of tablets into the growth of wild apple, apricot, black currant, such as medlar, wild Chinese herbs rich in natural resources. Mok small products to Seoul between rich and beautiful scenery and is well known, there is a yearning for travel and scenic spots.

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