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Li Mu Cypriot Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sailimu is Kazakh, which means "wish", it also has a so-called "three Hai Zi." The lake is located in Bole City, about 90 kilometers to the southwest, 2073 meters above sea level, slightly oval lake, 20 kilometers from east to west, north-south 30 kilometers wide, covering an area of 454 square kilometers, the depth of 86 meters. Sailimu is a cold-water lake (in the summer, the lake will be hand-washing water was some bone), the quiet blue lake, surrounded by a quiet lake can only be heard over the hillside grassland and only the occasional sound of the wind and the cattle and sheep Calls, Prairie Lake is an excellent summer pasture every year by the end of July to early August, the And the ancient ethnic Kazak herdsmen will be held here Naadam event.

  Li Mu lake side, it's like a shining sapphire crystal hanging in the West Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang between the rift basin. Legend has it that the real Queen Mother of the West Lake Li Mu Cyprus is the Jade Pool. Li Mu met with Cypriot Lake, it surprised all of the blue. A pure blue A deep blue, a mysterious blue. It is the face of it, can only be amazed, and difficult words. Wang Zengqi, the late well-known writer said, to see Li Mu lake side, can not attend to other feelings, just think - really blue! Li Mu car that day to the lake side, is in the evening, but the sky is still sun. Sunshine mapping of Cypriot Li Mu As if a huge blue silk satin, sparkling, dazzling gorgeous. While travel on weekdays seen by no means a small lake, but have never seen such as Sierra Leone Li Mu Lake blue. It was no doubt blue, blue is not unreasonable, a blue moving spirits.

  Sierra Leone is said to Li Mu Lake more than 2000 meters above sea level, water depth to 90 meters Due to the high above sea level, water is too deep, so why blue was out of the ordinary. Standing on the shore of the lake in the mountains of Jimuyuantiao surrounded by towering mountains and magnificent. Down from the hills to see the lake, Lake to the heart of much higher level, as if a whale's back. 7000 million years ago is said to be the shock of the Eurasian continent crust, Shanhai changes Tianshan where they stand, creating the highest in Xinjiang, the largest alpine lake. Li Mu Cypriot Lake, which means Mongolian Hill Lake on the backbone. Braving the cool mountain breeze, listening to birds chirp mountain-ming, looked at the sky Swan swept water, you can not help feeling of the Seven Wonders of nature. No wonder Li Mu Lake Cyprus as the "West Net sea. "Blue of the lake is green grassland. Exposure to the lake, as if in a dream Ruhuan outside the fairy tale world.

  Li Mu side of the lake quiet and peaceful atmosphere of a strong shock to me. Daily life in the prosperous world, noisy hubbub of city life, where ever seen such a Shangri-la. Fang head towards distant layers Overlapping peaks, such as such as tobacco, albeit not very clearly in the white clouds of mist, like using a paintbrush and add on; on the grass near the green, the flowers scattered on a shaman, like a brilliant green blanket, soft, rich. White yurts scattered across the lake, an enigmatic suspect. Xi Xian near Shepherd, the only group of group of horse Yanger to leisurely walk in, and eat it too. Wide lake, calm, not far vessel, was quiet as the baby's Nightmare to sleep. Lake of a few small islands, very few isolated, lonely United States, like in Sierra Leone about Li Mu Lake unusual story.

  Legend of a long, long time ago, Li Mu Cypriot Lake lake is not only a water Feng Mao, the prairie flowers in full bloom in this beautiful grassland, the shepherd of the beautiful girl cut the swift and fierce dark and handsome horses were de grams sincere young people in love. One day, all dark clouds like a girl in order to catch the sheep, while edge dance songs, Jade is grazing on the grassland, unfortunately, hunting out the steppes and the devil meet A devil to watch a beautiful young girl Da cut, it will be in the palace Xiangqiang Feizi. Can be faithful to the love, longing for the freedom of all is not dark girl to the palace moved by the high position and great wealth, not from the fight to the death. She rode to flee, closely catching up with defender, was about to seize up. No way out of the dark all of a sudden found near the deep At the end of the pit, then jump into the jump. News of a Sri Lankan grams killed defender, and into the end of the pit. All of a sudden somersault body of water that roared, and monstrous waves. The devil and grassland waves engulfed the palace. From then on the vast grassland has become a vast expanse of water. The death of the lovers Hanhen it into the two inseparable Island, the legislation still in the blue wave on top of 10,000 ares ... ...
What a touching love story. Moving to the Serbian legend Li Mu Lake put on a mysterious color, looked far from blue water on the island, people lamented that it is unusual beauty. It is gratifying that this has been a symbol of the lake, unfortunately, has become a herdsman Well-being of the park.

  Moisten the clear water of Lake Prairie, beautiful grassland to raise her children and grandchildren and future generations. Kazakhstan and the Mongolian herdsmen, grazing around, have a happy and peaceful life. Unfortunately, on their way to kunas to the ranch overnight, failed to plug in a lot of Li Mu Lake stay, I heard that Li Mu Cypriot Lake Turkish-speaking "peace and blessings". Yiyixibie, I am at this beautiful lake has been deeply Road, a "plug Li Mu", she wish that peace is always so beautiful. Since then, that Chunlan lake water, as if on a strong Huabu Kai's blue ink, I will never become a never-ending Expressing complex. For so many years , Abundant vitality of this area, the picturesque Steeped in the picture, still remain in the hearts of the deep.

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