Tuesday, December 16, 2008

General Yili Prefecture site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ili in Xinjiang has always been an important channel to Central Asia, history has had a number of cities and towns in the border here hold that the development of trade. General Yili Prefecture in the former site of the Huocheng Xian Hui Yuan in the city.

Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the Ili region in order to strengthen governance, located in the Ili General here, far from the city to build benefits, and they are being Built around the Hui Lai, Sui, Guangren, Ning, Zhan Germany, Gong Chen, Xi, Ta Erqi eight satellite, known collectively as the "Yili NINETOWNS." Are preserved better known as "Ili NINETOWNS" of the Hui Yuan City, was Xichui China's military and political center of the seat of the Ili Prefecture General.

Now General retained within the former site of the House, the former site of the ride south. Hospital towering old trees; Hall, Tai Xie, winding paths, corridors, remain. Slim, sleek, "General Pavilion" has been the renovation of a new, green pines standing in between the trees. Former general in front of the House of peculiar shape of a pair of stone lions, the hospital still, life-like expression, which are hi .

Hui Yuan-center stands a magnificent ancient city of tall bell Drum Tower, overlooking Denglou, both within and outside the city of panoramic scenery. Historically, Hong Liangji, who Qi Yun, Lin, Deng Ting Zhen, Xu Song, and other well-known disgrace people who have left this place in the brilliant performance. Lin opened the public water rate, consolidating frontier defense, For the benefit of the people, by people of all ethnic groups and the general Yili respect and trust. Lin Hui in the far though, only two years, but the diary, copied poems, letters-to stay a lot.

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