Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jiaohegucheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 10 km west of Turpan city, about 1650 meters north-south, east widest point about 300 meters because of the two rivers in the South Loop interchange, cross-named River.

Old City for the car division were construction, during construction since about 2000 to 2300. Old City by the temple institution, the tower, the And workshops such as construction, with a total area of 250,000 square meters. River is a cross-country vehicles division before the king's rule, is a handsome car before the country's political, economic, military and cultural center. In the second half of the 13th century, the ancient city of Jiaohe face of the scourge of war, destruction, Yongle of the Ming period (AD 1403 ~ 1424) City has been spent. Jiaohegucheng almost entirely from natural immature soil from the excavation of a maximum three-story buildings are so high, went through such a long time will still be preserved. Jiaohegucheng is the world's oldest, largest and best protection of immature soil of the city building. Jiaohegucheng in 1961 was designated as National Key -Protection unit.

  Jarre is being Niyaz ditch around the mound on the river, the river was an island-like pattern, about 1650 meters, the widest point in the middle of about 300 meters, Yaan, such as cutting, up to more than 30 meters to form a natural barrier. The main building in the city at the southern end of the cliff to cliff is not by building walls. City of Long 1 00 meters, the city to 300 meters long from north to south, the 10-meter wide road axis for the building is divided into three regions, the Housing Court housing buildings with a total area of about 250,000 square meters.

  Road to the north of the temple area; the eastern side of the building sparse, and residential institution for the seat;-intensive than building the north-east, is a residential area;'s Road West And the ancient city is a handicraft workshop in the southern zone. Jiaohegucheng well-preserved architectural sites, most of the half in the ground, from the Department of Mining; half on the ground for the building into a compactor. Most of the construction site, the fire has burned at the scene. According to the research archaeologist, Jiaohegucheng was destroyed in a fire. Jiaohe large Buddhist temple, he paid official , Tao, Li and the East Gate tower, and other sites can be visited the ancient city as a focus. In recent years, Jiaohegucheng also found that digging out the burial of nobility, ancient wells and the Buddha and other important monuments.

  Story also found that the integrity of the Paleolithic site. Jiaohegucheng is the working people of all ethnic groups in ancient China to jointly develop The building of monuments, the history of Xinjiang is precious ancient palace of culture.

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