Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lake uran - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Uran Lake is located in the northwest edge of Junggar Basin, the son of the sea be divided into two parts, Hai Zi and small, sea-salt lake is a small Hai Zi (Li Ji Lake) is a freshwater lake. Between Hubei and Hunan provincial highway passing through.

Son of the sea on the east coast near the provincial highway where there is a fine white sandy beach, 10 km in length, appropriate For surfing, boating, water sports such as skateboarding and entertainment. Here the clear lake, Lake reed problems, considerable sunset in the evening sunset, the charming scenery.

Xiaohaizi son of the sea in the south, the lake has a Bird Island, gulls, swans, wild ducks in groups ... ..., and to lightly. Lake rich in fish, shore There Guanzi Li-wide feast of fish can not taste.

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