Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prairie Rock in Shirengou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunas in the Ili grassland, from the first to see you alone to stand for hundreds of years of Shirengou statue, you will find the time long. The windy and rainy kunas grasslands in summer is always volatile, it is probably less negative and more clear, several times a day under the rain. Prairie is one such place. New Have been found in various areas Shirengou grassland, but the collection of cultural relics department has found that the valley is Qiapu Shirengou three, two of them Shirengou body is 1.4 meters high, a half-length Shirengou 0.7 meters high, as clothing for men and women have Shirengou other big amount of relief, Proboscis, Heng Mei, with a mysterious deep breath of dry tranquility to the eyes Kunas of a vast prairie. It's several hundred years is such a posture, it appears to be only very deep Jidao fact outline of what the eye can say, it caused quite a bit of the Han Dynasty-style stone Shirengou, according to research who is Wusun By Li. Rock was kunas grams of Taiwan to the north bank, from Iraq to kunas Breeding Farm Iron stretches nearly 100 miles almost every valley have found ancient rock paintings, is a rare rock paintings of the corridor, with Hill to Taipei grams were found in the text of the greatest rock rock, about ten meters high and seven meters wide, The smooth surface of the stone engraved with nearly 1,000 cattle, camels, horses, sheep and the image of the beast, hunters hunting battle After the surface and the joy of hunting scenes, vivid image of the ancient servant, allow the meat rich and colorful screen characters genitals exposed, you can see at the time of reproductive and sexual worship. Most of these rock paintings Zaoke, and the coloring, and some rocks to the natural color to color, the coloring of the rock paintings in the year after year despite the sunshine, wind and rain erosion, Bright luster still unabated, a large piece of rock in the lower left-hand corner of the rock Shu Xie and his party also, by more than 10 different characters composed. The significance of these characters have not yet conclusive. In recent years, many archaeologists have conducted field visits and extensive research, and some may be inferred Orkhon - Yenisey, Home Bayan Luke, Wu Su cases or Turkic, while others believe is an ancient Tibetan language, religion in the sixth motto mantra: Buddha, pray for an auspicious meaning.

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