Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The geographic center of the Asian continent - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Asian mainland scenic spots located in the geographic center of Yongfeng Township package Caozi home village, east longitude 87 � 19'52 ", latitude 43 � 40'37", in Xinjiang by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography and measured more than two years of field demarcation. 30 km away from Urumqi City, an area under construction. Scenic areas so as to the geographic center of the Asian continent Chi Tower and the core point, the tower marked by a square column 4, are surrounded by "A" font, the English copy of "Asian" name "Asia" prefix "A''on the form, meaning the heart of Asia. Now Has been completed to the level of scenic roads, more than 20 meters high eagle door to the structure of the Youth Pre-employment network, Asia Tianyuandifang Plaza, brought together 49 Asian symbol of the culture of crystal stone and wooden totems, totemic fiberglass sculpture, is concentrated style des Nations. As the sub-heart farthest from the ocean, the continent most of its special geographical location in order to give meaning and profound scientific mystery, with a rich cultural history, is a wooden ulu City focuses on the development of the tourist areas.

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