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Ayding Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Turpan City, 50 km south of the territory of rural Qiatekale, Uygur language means Moonlight Lake, the lake is an inland saltwater lake, covering an area of about 22 square kilometers (the 1940s, the lake had reached 152 square kilometers) above sea level low In sea level 154 meters, less than 0.8 meters.

Aydin Three parts, 0.5 wide circle around a 1 km, is hard to contain a large number of salts and salt; in the middle circle is a salt marsh; Lake is the heart of the white crystal salt crystal. Come to the water's edge, see fish, birds, only small groups of insects and the occasional rabbit and mice through this desert landscape typical smoke A lot of experts and explorers to this tour.

  Uyghur Ayding Lake, said "Mr. Luo Huan", which means Moon Lake. Ayding Lake is an inland saltwater lake, below sea level 154 meters above sea level, is the lowest in China, the world's second low. Lake dried up because most of the lake, is the ubiquitous white Ying salt crystals, salt, sun-shining like empty eyes Cold Night Moon, named. But now very few people can really see Ayding Lake surface is reflected moonlight scene. Ayding Lake because of a sharp narrowing, almost dried up, Oshio into the marsh.

  An area of about 22 square kilometers (the 1940s when The lake had reached 152 square kilometers), shallow lake, an average of less than 0.8 meters, and sometimes no water. Ayding Lake is a lake-diving overflow from the three-part, is a circle around the lake plain plot, a width of 0.5-1-km loop that contains a lot of salt, due to strong evaporation, so that the hard surface to form To salt. In the middle circle is a salt marsh, the following is the mud. Heart Lake is a white crystal grain of salt. Summer melting of snow and ice alone into the lake water, dry summer and has a strong evaporation, water salinity is also very high. It is easy to be here, "mirage" confusing.

  Ayding Lake basin 40 km from east to west, North 8 km wide, shallow lake, there is only the southwestern part of the water, not more than 1 m water depth. Kuxian water, salinity 210 grams per liter, most of chloride. Into the lake due to the steady decline, as well as the water evaporated long-term, concentrated in the lake and formed a lake rich in salt and Glauber's salt mine, Xi Moonlight reflection of the Huguang Xiuse Jiao Mei, the lake has been dry hard, white salt and downs of the pack and make the tourists reach the lake salt marsh mud replaced. The world's second Ayding Lake lowland environment is ancient, desolate. Now has Edin Lake Glauber's salt plant as a souvenir for visitors photographers.

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