Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Glacier Kaerlike - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami Kaerlike salt pond located in the glacier, 10 km south of the township government offices, 4888 meters above sea level, is still not a one person to climb the peak of the virgin peaks, snow, the size distribution of the 63 glaciers, especially in Dakar Rick flat-topped mountain glaciers, covering an area of about 0.7 square kilometers, Pingdingshan side of the mountain Park, the scenery as Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake, known as the natural reservoir of that solids, the Department of beautiful birthplace of the Yiwu River.

  If the glaciers of the demure girl stand surrounded by mountains, Yamashita is a natural waterfall, as Wanmabenteng, and dumping, unstoppable, rock bottom was stirred up the water droplets, such as Smoke , The sun's radiation, the formation of a true rainbow.

  The foot of the hill is a natural grassland, such as grass green carpet covered the entire mountain, the herdsmen Zhanfang, like white flowers adorned the meantime, the sheep will be Pian Pian, such as clouds, slowly drift in the mountains.

  Sometimes the real cloud cover will come All the beautiful and mysterious become hazy, heavy snow in the winter passes, is authentic snow-wrapped, particularly enchanting, so that all visitors to the heart tremble, for nature can not help to create a spectacular, beautiful and mysterious and praise About. It is tourism, adventure, scientific exploration of the holidays.

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