Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shuimogou area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuimogou Scenic Area is located in the northern suburbs of Urumqi, East 5 km, is located at the foot of Dongshan, the end of the Hongshan. In a 1 km long and more unusual seismic fault of the canyon floor, Hill formed a water tower, clear spring Hill, Hongqiao Hill, Hot Springs Mountain, River Water Mill-based pleasant scenery. Scenic areas within towering old trees, spewing hot springs, Taiwan temple point during the stop. As early as 200 years ago, River Water Mill as a result of the construction of the Qing Dynasty troops in Water Mill, and therefore named. Year 1760 (Qianlong 25), Kashi, 26-year-old Uygur girl, "Xiang Fei" because of family called active insurgency in Beijing, via Dihua (this Urumqi) in the hot springs of Shuimogou Bath, left a Bathing Xiang Fei's mouth with approbation. Shuimogou the perennial hot water for 28-30 ?, the water is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and nitrate ions variety, and so on, skin diseases, arthritis and so on have a certain effect.

  Year 1768 (33 years Qianlong) in June, a famous Qing Dynasty scholar Ji Yun had toured the Grinding groove; in 1841, Lin exile in Xinjiang during the visit have Shuimogou; in 1901, the Qing government offices Prime Minister Zaiyi national affairs, "Zhenguo Gong," the two brothers set Lan exile Urumqi, the scenic tour of the Water Mill Gap, an annual expenditure from the state treasury tens of thousands of Xinjiang, two silver, one after another to build, "Hsiao Pavilion "," according to Du Pavilion, "" Ancient stage "and other tourist attractions.

  Urumqi, north-eastern suburbs have a large mountain park, which is well-known scenic spots Shuimogou. Shuimogou scenic, clear spring mountain, towers Hill, Hongqiao Hill, four Shan Shan Hot Springs Jiazhi, tall Xiaoyu Liu, on the hillside around the flowers , Shade pavilions in the shade between. Hill Baiquan spewing at the end of a long inexhaustible Flow, come together to form a Shuimogou flow from wear.

Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the early years, this has become the tourist resort of Urumqi, the text of letters linger here, wrote many beautiful poems. Today Shuimogou Jade spring, autumn melon Mountain is covered with people in the mountains Yechui self-entertainment, spa bath, down in Lake Adventure, took a cable car at high altitudes, enjoyable.

  In recent years, has built a spa, Fengze Yuan Guanghui Club, Xing'an Range, grape Villa, Villa style, Saussurea Hill Golf Course, clear spring Temple and many other attractions, is Free vacation holidays.

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