Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dabancheng district town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the ancient city of Dabancheng "West plans by the state," "White Water Jian, right out flash County community, to the northwest to the Department on the west of Zhu Fan, adequate water, the opening of the horse." It is called Road to White Water Jian, the city for the town of Whitewater. A Western style of the Tang Dynasty in the ancient town of Urumqi Dabancheng into tourism business.

  It was built in a major Black iron rock. Check local stone walls, sand folder by Ben Zhu. With the rock while walking, pacing the external perimeter of its nearly 300 meters thick rammed 10 --- 25 cm to preserve the best of the lot, the wall is higher than 5 meters. According to the city because of the famous Silk Road briefly Whitewater Canyon Road Jian built. "When Kazuo Wan Kai-Fu Mo "risk. Has always been at the Tuen Mun. Was built in about 1600 before.

  "Dabancheng the ancient city" area of 750 acres of scenic spots, there are ancient ruins Dabancheng, Wang Luobin Museum of Art, the Museum stones, Wen Shiguan, traveling here to shop ... ... beautiful girl in Dabancheng Before her life here is a small town, busy artisan Ding Dong, neighing horse's ass, call vendors, it's tempting barbecue, sour scent of ... ... on the ancient Silk Road town is so prosperous, just as a poem by Shen Said: "The countless distance over rings moraine, should be back to Bailian Anxi." The city and two sub-district outside the city. City set Reflect the style of Western folk museum, Chasi, stables, workshops and ethnic arts and crafts show folk art treasures of the Museum of Art Wang Luobin.

  Dabancheng ancient town located in the scenic tourist town Dabancheng 3 kilometers of the Poplar River canyon mouth. Gu Cheng of the canyon, "White Jian", the ancient Silk Road, New North Road Throat hub, is now in Xinjiang North to South and the Mainland traffic artery.

  Why is that Dabancheng White said the town does not? Only the name of the Tang Dynasty to the needs of the military stationed in the sky, and hard to pronounce difficult to keep in mind that local residents can not easily be spread understanding. Local residents of this Oral side carrying the name of a "Dabancheng." People slowly becoming forgotten the name of the military, contained in the oral tradition Dabancheng but far more famous, Wang Luobin of a "girl Dabancheng" Mingyangtianxia it.

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