Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aksu Kuqa Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aksu Kuqa Temple is the people of the Muslim worship places of worship. Temple is located in the Old City and County Akesu Kuqa bazar pier, away from the Kuche County, New City, about four kilometers, is second only to the territory of Xinjiang Kashiyiti Ga mosque in Seoul the second Temple.

  Kuqa former Temple in 1918 by fire Burning, in 1923 by the local Adji (Li Mu Ming Jiaoai) presided over the fund-raising, fund-raising to rebuild the mosque. Completion in 1927. Temple area of 1165 square meters, the main building consists of two parts, one large main temple, there are rotating staircase to the top temple, calling for the imam "is Mazi". For the brick. The second is the followers of worship for the use of the hall. And the lobby of the hall minutes after the two parts of the room, an area of about 65 square meters. Temple in the south-east corner of the courtyard retains an Islamic religious court sites.

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