Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Liu Pingguo Aksu administer customs booths chanting stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Pingguo Aksu administer customs booths chanting stone: It is a piece of Aksu in Xinjiang in the Baicheng county, about 150 km north-east of Cragg Barbosa Mizoguchi rock from the ground Chi Xu, Yin Wen engraved on the stone Lishu, and the remaining 101 Chinese characters. Qiuci account of major Left, General Liu Pingguo rate Qin (Chinese) Meng Bo Shan, poor Di Hu, when Zhao 6, and other people on this rock to build kiosks, baggage inspection and customs clearance in the construction of the eastern side of the city's deeds. Yongshou the Eastern Han Dynasty era for four years (AD 158). There near the stone ruins of the Han Dynasty Shi Lei, Hirakawa outside the trench there are the ruins of the ancient city. In this there is still a stone in the vicinity "of Dunhuang for the primary Chunyu chanting" lettering. Here in the Han Dynasty Xinjiang Yili River valley to the south of one of the major transport channel.

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