Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Manasixian largest Buddhist temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture Manasixian Manasixian largest Buddhist temple located in the southwest city of the first Temple of rural farmers in residential areas, away from the city center, about 2km. Manasixian large Buddhist temple is a local non-governmental activities of the Buddhist temple, county funding of Religious Affairs of the 20,000 Yuan, non-governmental fund-raising nearly 20 million in 1991-94 from the construction. Temple-wide by four Hall, Main Hall for the main hall, there is a positive one Buddha statue, next to the statue, and so on Ocean's 18; Piandian two were in possession of Kwun Yam Temple and the Temple, including Goddess of Mercy, Monju, Fugen, and so on. Another door to the Mountain Gate Service, also known as the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Dian-zhong a plastic statue of Maitreya, with the Hall of the Main Hall is . Lunar calendar every year early in April 8, is the Temple event, San Siqian human scale, Laba, March 19, and other small temple, hundreds of people ranging from pilgrims Manasixian Shihezi and other places. According to staff Temple, Temple before the Cultural Revolution in the county hospital Normal School, were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution, the beginning of reconstruction in 1991, 19 4 years after the completion of the Australian Chinese donors Miss Ma Yucui 2 thousand Australian dollars, carved marble monument and the road in front of the cement board.

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