Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hing to rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luke Mountains in the library found in many ancient rock paintings, with mountains and valleys in the middle of Xing Xing in the best-known rock paintings, rock paintings with a total area of about 90 square meters, there are images the size of 300, which relates to the animals, hunting, grazing, and back Yun, religion, dance, acrobatics, battle, fight, and a variety of architectural symbols, is the The original nomads in the north left a precious cultural heritage, recorded in the Xinjiang Korla and other material and spiritual life of ancient nomadic history. Historians believe that the rock-hing to be the Huns in the Western activities during the beginning of creation. Hun forces in the 2nd century BC to get in the Tarim Basin, and rock-hing Resulting in 2 century BC.

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