Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Golden Sands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin-suk and tourist areas on the beach at Yanqi Basin in northern Xinjiang Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture and County Shuo, China's largest inland fresh water lake Dongbei An Bosten Lake, 369 km away from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the strategy of developing tourism resources, "the five regions of the three - "A well-known scenic spot. Xinjiang is the opening of the new Japanese tourist destination, beach geology for the golden sand, so that the "Golden Beach", clear water, sand gull Xiang Ji, also known as the "Hawaii of Xinjiang."

  Here, you will be amazed at the Seven Wonders of nature. Wrote down ruggedness of the Gobi desert, stretching tens of kilometers of golden beaches and blue Wei Yi Dai linked to the water, mellow Such is Life, just a soft one, so harmonious. In the evening, into the sunset gold of the setting sun look, with elegant homing of birds, for the gradual disappearance of water and sediment in the line of the horizon, one can not help blowing mental state, many of the beautiful reverie.

  Wushentala township 23 km south-bound to be West --- Golden Sands Beach, a distance, Pinghu 10,000 ares, water linked to the day. Even soft, fine silver sand, the water slowly gradient of 1.7 percent and 2,000 m long, 60 meters wide beach, people swimming and water provides a natural beach. Travel by boat to the lake, north towering mountains, snow ice a helmet, South Dune ups and downs, sand water coexistence, mysterious and hard. Long the clean water, small fishing boats, one blue tenderness. Sun, sand, sea, no one can be in the West Sea. Not far from the distribution of many Pingchou Green Wave down the reed, there is a waterfowl paradise. Reed waterway criss-crossing between Cong, the Green Wave clouds, water birds Fanfei song, A "long grass Pinghu egret fly" ink landscape painting. At present, Golden Sands Malan Club Resort has opened to visitors.

  Climate: Heshuo County is located in the mountains on three sides piedmont alluvial fan plain areas, as the three sides by mountains cover file an annual average wind is not, add 1107 square kilometers Bosten The regulation of water evaporation, moderate and humid climate in most areas. The average annual sunshine hours to 3166 hours, more than four seasons as a clear Lang calm weather, very suitable for tourism.

  In July 1999, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Wang Lequan Comrade Kim on the beach to inspect and guide the development and construction of the tourist areas situation , Here for the beautiful natural scenery attracted, is pleased to mention the word "Golden Sands in the western Pearl"

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