Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brook Steppe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin the Bayanbulak grasslands, Hejing County, located in the northwest, south of Tianshan Mountains, an area of about 23,000 square kilometers, 636 kilometers from the city of Korla, Jessica green grassland, cattle and sheep flocks, the mountains have arch, If the river with, the vast undulating terrain, a wide variety of plants, is the second of China's grasslands. Bayinbuluke The original Mongolian word for the rich spring water. Far in 2600, some activities here. Qing Emperor Qianlong 36 years, Torghut, and the Principal Shuo Mongolia tribe, led by the Wo Baxi, from the Russian Volga River basin give justice to the east, in 1773 in the opening Bayinbuluke grassland and river are settled. There is a vast Flat terrain, lush aquatic plants, over and over is the quality of the "grass butter." Here the rich Xinjiang Tianshan horse, Bayinbuluke fat-tailed sheep, the Chinese Merino and "tanks plateau" of the yak, as the "Prairie Sibao." Every summer season, flowers bloom on the prairie, the limelight, like a flock of sheep Bai Yun Yu , The snow lotus-like yurts Zuozuo which is located. The annual Naadam grassland event, horse racing, archery competitions, and other visitors but also pleasant nostalgia.

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