Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jimsar horse field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Jimsar Changji in Xinjiang wild horse field, keeping Mustang multiplication base (wild game). Jimsar, Qitai north of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia is the home of the Department of wild horses. Russia in 1876 explorer Poole Wasi Ji hot "first discovered" the Junggar group of wild horses, killing wantonly made of specimens of wild horses will Junggar Interest to Europe. As a result the European territory, hunting, a large number of wild horses will be back to the domestic horse stock. Mustang with the result on the brink of extinction. By zoologists at home and abroad has repeatedly called in recent years from Britain, Germany and other countries introduced 17 years ago stolen the "Equus przewalskii" eighth, ninth generation descendant, in Jimsar 30 km northwest of the construction of more than 60 acres in the stock market circles. Some are already producing horse mare, breeding program to 80, will allow wild horses return to nature. Jimsar horse field in China is currently the only base for artificial rearing horse.

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