Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Balun Taiwan Huang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayingolin towering stands Hejing County, 50 km from the depths of the northern Tianshan Barents Taiwan's Huang Temple is known as "small Potala Palace," said Farmington religion, "Berger Xiaerbuda Lenz," which means "Yellow Sect Holy Land, "was built in Qianlong period, the completion of 14 years in the Guangxu, the whole building well-structured, Yu Hin proudly and with the treasury, and other heat 1 Block momentum component of the temple's monks guarded the ancient temple complex, covering 24,000 square meters, existing Huang Temple, treasury hot, dry and Latin America to build my temple, and other lung is still intact, in 1987 listed as key cultural unit Huang Temple Hall collection in a number of valuable and rare cultural relics by volume, the central worship hall A huge statue of Buddha Jin Shen Mai Deer. East and West after the Dian-zhong worship Maitreya, the Buddha statues and other copper. Basilica walls are plastic statues have expanded law, lifelike and vivid beautifully education came a day after the Hindu pilgrims flocked to a very incense-wang, during religious festivals are more crowded. Cumberland Gap is not only to Taiwan Places of worship, or a natural forest park in the East and West, more than 20 km long green valley, lush willow trees, rocks Qi stands sky, spring Piaomiao vast sea of clouds. The average temperature in summer season of around 20 degrees, Dongnuanxialiang. Torghut Mongolian folk customs of simple goodness of your heart but also Shen Mi.

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