Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The ancient city of Loulan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

If located in the ancient city of Loulan Qiang County in the north, about 300 km from the county seat, located west of the north shore of Lop Nur, in the south bank of Kongquehe 7 km, and its geographic coordinates for longitude 89 � 5522 ", latitude 40 � 2955".

  Here in ancient times was once a water Feng Mao, and The local level, agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries are developed, BC, there had been a prosperous country Loulan, which was at that time was the world famous Silk Road city, but by the year before and after the 4th century, which was once famous The country has suddenly mysteriously disappeared, leaving only the ruins of a vigil in the desert. Loulan the existing site was more or less square, each side wall are more or less in the 330 meters or so, more or less for the urban area of 1.1 square kilometers, there is also the city's dilapidated courtyard and tall pagoda. From the ancient city of Loulan found in a number of ancient artifacts, coins and a variety of containers, most valuable when the number of hands of the Jin Dynasty "Policy of war."

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