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Karamay Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Karamay is Uighur "black oil", as a result of oil and named after Hill, in the Junggar Basin in the northwest, according to Canadian National eastern foot is a beautiful, magnificent city full of modern flavor. This is the "Desert Beauty," "black jewel" of the reputation of Karamay. Karamay group of House buildings, wide roads ; Water gurgling, tree-yin, which is after the founding of new China built the first cities in the oil industry.

  According to Rama area of more than 9500 square kilometers. Karamay oil field development began in 1955 officially. End the same year the first oil well drilling, buried in Wall deep in the wasteland Qiongjiang jet black to blue. Karamay erection of the first oil well, opened the prelude to the development of oil fields. As a result, New China's first oil war in the General Assembly and the foot of the original oil on the Gobi Desert launch a vigorous manner. Zhu praised the Karamay oil field construction - is a big accomplishment Is a touching myth.

Karamay oil after nearly half a century of hard struggle, one after another exploration and development of Karamay, 100-chuen, burning mountain, one after another, and so on Hutubi oil and gas fields and build Karamay, Dushanzi two large-scale petrochemical plant, to become the National The four major oil and gas fields. Now the city of Karamay has Karamay, Dushanzi, Wuerhe, white beach of the four base areas, Dushanzi district across the city of Kuitun. 217 to State Road alignment along the axis, stretching several hundred kilometers.

Karamay is such a charming, desirable as in the singing of the song: The forest as well, such as red flowers, songs like the sea, you bright, so magnificent and so beautiful. I would like your singing. I Yaopao near you, you are a gem of the Great Northwest ... ...

  Zhun Geer is located in the city of Karamay in the northwest edge of the basin, located east longitude 84 � 42 ', latitude 45 � 3 ', The whole city area of 9500 square kilometers. Karamay City 4 2 under the jurisdiction of a rural town. In 1990 the city's population of 26 million people, accounting for 76.24 percent Han, Uygur, Kazak, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu, Xibe, Russia more than 30 ethnic minorities account for 23.7 percent. Karamay go there , Their relatives, more than 3,000 families in Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, with more than 20 countries and regions overseas, the Chinese have a wide range of contacts. Karamay traffic is very convenient, three highways through the territory of the city accessible by road, train to Urumqi on a regular basis and the main northern city. Every Tuesday, four There are six direct flights to Urumqi.

With the oil field development and construction from the urban areas to the north along the road alone the Arab-Israeli front line of development and the formation of the 5 oil fields have a natural feature of the town of a dragon in the town, three Pingchen, white beaches base, 100-chuen, Wuerhe, Together with the city at the southern end of the "55" in the town, Green and the town of Dushanzi district of Karamay in order to form the urban-centered in the town of King City, a city group.

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