Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Man Khan Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Khan Palace is located in the Xinjiang Korla Hejing county center is a green-gray brick palace of the royal palace. It is the old South Torghut Department of feudal lords over the last Kezha Bu Chu (Man Wang Khan) Khan-inheritance, to live and engage in various activities of the place, once the Department of Torghut political, economic, Text And the center of religious activities. Khan Palace take over south, there are 60 small rooms, including the main hall are the two things and officials. Hall is divided into two levels, full honors on the second floor of Khan Emperor Wang tablets. There are things Lianggong bedroom, Shan Fang, entertainment room, living room, storage rooms and so on. Man Khan Palace by the full multi-uncle King Khan Budunhua leng Ce Min personally design, the Hui Yanqi contract craftsman, built in 1927. Palace of the whole grand spectacle in style, and contains a number of structural features of the nation. UNITA has also been here long Corruption, surrounded by high walls, built of iron bunker.

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