Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ying site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the early 4th century AD, after a car Shuai of the "Silk Road" North did not open until the envoy, Hun merchants out of fear of harassment of the North, basically through the middle of the shuttle on the Silk Road between East and West. The "trail" of the West Pass, along the Shule, had piled White Dragon, Loulan, on Peacock Valley, reaching Wei Li, Taiwan round, Kuqa ... ... At that time, the Ying Pun on in Loulan and Yu Li, the Silk Road is the middle of a major city (- described as "Shui Jing Zhu" in the city of bin Note). Bute Huang Shan State presumed to be the capital of the Western Regions. Loulan recession, Camp also gradually lost their past glories. Sven Hedin, Keziluofu, Stein, Huang Bute Ying Pun have been to the site. Stein excavation here too Lu and other co-writing the walls of the wood and Jane Chinese cultural relics such as coins. In 1989, Xinjiang Cultural Relics and Archeology Institute of Bazhou heritage site survey team to find Ying Pun, sent looted sites have been crazy. From the full collection to explore the situation, a large number of wooden burial, Textiles, leather goods, most of which is silk, with its full range. Fine texture alarming, there are varieties of clothing, skirts, gowns, trousers, socks, pillow, a Sachet, and so on. These elegant silk or yarn, or brilliant Kam, or soft-chi, or embroidery of China and the United States, it is for our heritage of fine silk. Business City circumference of 900 meters, round the castle, remnant walls 5.6 meters high, built Rammed earth, part of paragraph walls even with bricks. The water current washed over the city, there are two things Shing Mun. Outside the west side of a 10-meter high water has been washed over, there are two things Shing Mun. Outside the west side of a high-fung, the 10-meter tunnel, the powder has become the bricks. North Is the burial area on the west side of the cemetery is an ex hospital site, remnants of more than 10 adobe building blocks. Ying site from the north-west Xinjiang Korla City, Yuli County 150 km to the north are the mountains on the south bank of the peacock, there is no road traffic.

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